2023 Prom Dress Trends

Each year fashion trends come and go.  Some are revolutionary while others are recycled.  2023 is no different.  We’re just about halfway through what the fashion industry would consider “prom season” and here are some of the hottest trends we’ve noticed so far.

Purple – That’s right, the color purple.  Purple dresses are all the rage in 2023.  It has been the most searched color on RissyRoos.com so far this year.  In fact, it’s been the most searched term overall!  There are a number of different shades of purple, including violet, lavender, lilac, amethyst, eggplant, fuchsia, orchid, plum, and the 2023 Pantone color Viva Magenta just to name a few.  Dresses in each shade can be found on RissyRoos.com and they’re all sizzling hot for 2023.  Many of our top designers were well prepared and have produced an assortment of gorgeous gowns in various shades of this beautiful color.  If you’re looking for a purple dress, check out the lines from Jovani, Scala, La Femme, and Alyce.

Feathers –
They’re not inexpensive and they’re not easy to maintain but, if you’ve got the coin, it doesn’t get any classier or hip than feathered dresses.  These garments are stitched by hand and are one of the trendiest and most extravagant styles for prom 2023.  Fashion-forward celebrities have all been spotted in this fun yet classic style.  

One Shoulder – One-shoulder dresses offer a classic and elegant look that has been heavily embraced on the red carpet over the last several years.  Easier to wear than strapless gowns, one-shoulder dresses, otherwise known as the asymmetrical dress, offer the opportunity to show off your sexy side will still being able to maintain an aura of grace and sophistication.  Designers featuring some of our most dazzling one-shoulder garments this year include Jovani, Scala, Alyce, and La Femme.

Strapless – Strapless dresses are among the sexiest and most provocative garments a lady can wear to a special event.  While your shoulders will be highlighted, this style can often be very figure-flattering as well.  Accessorizing with a staples dress is easy as can be.  First off, no necklaces!  A necklace will take away from the intended look.  Earrings are not forbidden but are not a requirement either.  Bracelets usually make the best jewelry accessory for this style.  Designers with the most impressive 2023 collections of strapless gowns include Alyce, Faviana, and Jovani.

Hi-Lo – Short in the front, long in the back, fashionable all the way through.  Hi-lo dresses are a unique hybrid of cocktail dresses and evening gowns.  Experience all of the glamour and elegance of a gown while still being able to show off your long slender legs.  This year’s most fashion-forward hi-low garments come from Jovani and La Femme.

Bright Colors – Pink, orange, yellow, and lime are just a few of the loud neon colors invading prom 2023.  Bright colors such as these experienced a surge in the 80s during the punk rock and hair band era.  Now, they’re back in full force and designers have all gotten on board producing some amazing bright dresses.

Bling – Glimmer, glitz, shimmer, and shine with chunky gems, sparkling sequins, elegant jewels, and any of the numerous other forms of bling that designers have managed to incorporate with this season’s prom dresses.  Jovani, La Femme, Scala, and Faviana are just a few of the designers embracing this 2023 fashion trend.

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