Get Ready for your Winter and Holiday Formals with A Roo Girl!

The most exciting part of having an upcoming event is picking out the perfect outfit, which goes far beyond just the dress. You also have to make sure you have the perfect hairstyle, make up, and shoes to truly complete your outfit! Because of all these important aspects of putting an outfit together, sometimes it can turn into a lengthy process, especially if you have no idea where to start! So, we're going to show you how we get ready for our special events in four easy steps! Read on for easy steps to get ready for a winter inspired dance or formal event.

Step 1: Pick which dress length you would feel most comfortable in. Since you're going to a formal event, you'll be walking, sitting and probably dancing. Therefore, you want to choose a dress that doesn't keep you from the fun! And, of course, one that you love!

Blush style 9800We chose Blush 9800, a floor-length, powder blue/nude mermaid gown!

Step 2: Now that you've picked your perfect dress, it's time to move onto shoes. We tend to go with heels for most formal events, but if you're not comfortable wearing heels you could always go with a dressy pair of flats, especially if you plan on wearing a long gown that will hide the shoes anyway! Listed below are Sizzle by Coloriffics Andes and Touch Ups Dale - two shoes that we'd love to wear with Blush 9800!

Sizzle by Coloriffics Andes HeelsTouch Ups Dale Heels

If you want to go with fancy flats, Sweetie's Anne Ballet Flat is a great choice! They are the perfect shoe to sweeten up any social occasion dress, and with them coming in 3 different colors: Black, Nude, and Silver, there's definitely one to match your dress.

Sweetie's Anne Ballet Flats

Step 3: Pick your accessories! This part is pretty simple. We always try to pick accessories that match with out shoes. That way, our outfit seems really "put together" and fluent! We chose Helen's Heart Stone Bangle (style: JB-DT9024), Helen's Heart Crystal Clear Stone Earring (style: JE-CV-0165) and the Magid 5250 Royal Chain Purse.
accessoriesStep 4: Last but definitely not least... make-up, nails and hair! This is one of our favorite parts because it's so much fun looking through various pictures of different hair, nail and make-up styles before deciding on one! For Blush 9800 we chose a half-up half-down hair do, some bold eye make-up to make your eyes really POP, and basic white nails to top it all off! White nails are extremely in-style right now, especially in the winter because it's reminiscent of snow!


Annnnnnnnnnnnd, you're done! You have your dress, shoes, accessories, hair style, make-up and nail art all picked out! Time for some winter fun! What do you think of this look? Comment below to share!


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