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  • 5 Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last in the Fall & Winter!

    A new season means new lipstick colors! This fall, the lipstick shade we are obsessing over is plum. According to Cosmopolitan, plum lipstick is the number one sexiest piece of fall make-up.

    1490-shay-mitchell-s-funky-fall-look-0x375-2"Spiked with a dash of burgundy and a hit of black, plum lipstick becomes, 'sophisticated in a twisted kind of way,'" says makeup artist Tom Pecheux.

    Date-Makeup-Idea-Dark-Plum-Lips-0-megan-foxWe couldn't agree more with Tom! We are definitely taking advantage of the fall weather and squeezing in all the different shades of plum lipstick that we can get our hands on! But, with winter right around the corner, don't worry because this is a shade that can be worn right through the cold weather, too.

    The only thing we can't help but hate is when our lipstick wares off! Having to re-apply lipstick many times throughout the day is exhausting and wastes the product; which is why we want to share 5 tips to make your lipstick last, an article based off of Seventeen Magazine. With winter officially just around the corner and chapped lips on their way, these tips couldn't be more important.

    a-lips-getty-creative1. Exfoliate. Scrub your lips with the rest of your face while you're in the shower in the morning. A gentle exfoliator will smooth over the flakes that come with winter's chapped lips.

    2. Moisturize. With the temperatures dropping faster than you can say "pumpkin spice latté," moisturizing everything, including your lips is key. Stock up on a long-lasting chapstick to keep your pucker from getting chapped and use it before applying lipstick to help it go on smoothly.

    3. Prime & Line. Use an easy-to-apply lip primer to set the stage for the bold color. Once it's absorbed, outline you lips in a liner that's the same shade of your natural lip color.

    4. Add Your Color. Apply the lipstick of choice in two swipes.  Blot a couple times on a tissue and repeat with another swipe of lipstick, followed by another blot. Do this until you score your desired color strength.

    5. Set with Powder. You heard us, powder—on your lips. A light, translucent powder will help keep the color in place even after you enjoy a huge mug of hot chocolate!

    Once you follow these short steps, you will be ready to rock your plum lipstick (or any other color lipstick) all day long!

  • Nina Dobrev is Cosmopolitan's September Cover Girl!

    The September issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine is out, and the Cover Girl is one of our favorite TV stars: Nina Dobrev! She's on the cover wearing a super cute herringbone mini dress and high heels that we simply couldn't get over.

    Not only was Cosmo's fashion shoot with Nina amazing, but the interview was, too! Cosmo asked the actress about everything from what she's currently working on, to her career life, to being in relationships. And, with her recent break-up with Ian Somerhalder, it was definitely great to learn a little more about The Vampire Diaries star. One of the questions Cosmo asked Nina was what she's been working on at the moment, and she replied that she'd love to open her own yoga studio. Nina said:

    "You know that feeling when you use a different muscle? You're excited to be exercising it but you get a little sore! Yoga changed my life. Hopefully, it will do that for others."

    Yoga's definitely a great way to work out and relax your body and mind at the same time...and, of course, make sure you're looking as good as ever in your Homecoming and Prom outfits! So, we were so excited to hear how much Nina loves yoga!

    cosmo-nina-dobrev-september-2013-cover-de 500x681


    As far as relationships go, Nina definitely had a lot to say! When it comes to what she looks for in a guy, she explained that it's all about a guys mind, humor, and talent. When it comes to her type of guy, she also explained:

    "I'm progressive in some ways, old-fashioned in others. I like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful. The guys on our show are really good at that. A man in a suit looking put together and dapper is very attractive, but I also kind of like the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed, a-little-bit-of-scruff, effortless, not-trying-hard-but-still-sexy guy. If a guy spends more time looking in the mirror than I do, that's problem!"

    We definitely couldn't agree more!

    cosmo-nina-dobrev-cosmopolitan-september-cover-de 500x682


    To see the rest of the photo shoot and read more from the interview, make sure to pick up the September copy of Cosmopolitan!

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