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Are you starting to plan your wedding? Shopping for your ideal wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses? I can tell you from experience that planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks one can endeavor. Just thinking about all of the thought and hard work that goes into planning a wedding can be nerve wracking. Let me set your mind at ease, there are very many ways to MAKE IT A FUN ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE.

Do not get discouraged when you try on a dress that is “your size” but does not fit as you had expected. All formal wear has a tendency to run smaller than your everyday clothing. Another thing you will need to keep in mind when shopping for your dress is to identify your body type. Knowing your body type will allow you to find the ideal dress that will accentuate your figure in all the right places, and if you’re in the market for bridesmaid dresses this will help you find the right dress style that will work for your entire party.body typesMAKE IT FUN: Plan a girls day/night out. Grab your bridesmaids and Maid/Matron of Honor (MOH) and hit the town. Pick a boutique or store, call ahead if needed and try on as many dresses you can! When you find your DREAM dress, you will feel it. If after trying on 10, 15 or even 30 dresses and you do not find your dress then have no worries, you can always plan another girls day/night! Don't settle, this is your special day you deserve a special dress to commemorate the occasion.

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be just as much fun, if not more.  Especially since you do not have to try on a thing. It’s like watching a fashion show! Are you planning a Summer wedding, Fall wedding, Winter wedding, Spring wedding? Will there be a theme? Color scheme? These are a few things that will need to be considered before you go shopping for the ideal bridesmaid dresses. Once you have decided on the theme, venue, and season, you can start choosing your style; short dresses, tea length dresses, long dresses, sexy, fitted, sequined, flowy chiffon, lace.  The choices are endless.

MAKE IT FUN: It’s time to plan another girls day/night out! This one is easy, you can sit back relax and enjoy the show. Remember to make sure the style you choose will look good and feel comfortable for all of the members in your bridal party. Once you choose the right style and color you are all set.

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Let’s accessorize! They have always said that the dress makes the bride. Well, the right jewelry will accentuate the dress! What is your style? Vintage? Classic? Romantic? All of this should be considered when shopping for your jewelry and accessories.

The color of your dress plays a huge part in choosing the right jewelry. If your dress is white, I would suggest pearl or platinum. If your dress is diamond white (slightly off white), you have the option of going with gold, silver, rose gold, or pearl. If your dress is Ivory (light white with soft yellow undertones), gold would be your ideal match.

If you prefer vintage or romantic look, I would suggest more of an antique style. If you prefer a classic look, pearls or diamonds would be perfect for you. Also remember to bring your head piece when shopping for earrings. If your dress has an asymmetrical neckline, a necklace may not be needed. Adding a necklace will take away from the style of the dress, instead try looking for just earrings and a bracelet or cuff. If you are wearing a low cut or a v-neck neckline, you may consider a longer style necklace. One more small tip, sometimes less is more. You should be the focal point, after all this is your special day. This less is more rule does apply to your brides maids as well. If there is some sparkly along the neckline of their dresses, a big chunky necklace is just that, big and chunky.


Shopping for jewelry is always fun! Try not to stress, feel free to shop around and never settle. Don't feel like shopping in store? Maybe you can host a jewelry party at your house. Another girly day!! Just make sure someone brings the wine! This is your wedding, sparkle in all the right places and feel like a goddess! Dress up!

JewelryPlanning a wedding can be stressful, but if you keep calm, have FUN and remember that this your special day, all will run smooth. Big picture? At the end of the day you will be saying I do to your best friend, and dancing the night away with your friends and family.

Stay tuned for more wedding tips and styling ideas.

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