Little Bright Dresses

This season's new LBD...the Little Bright Dress?


The LBD (Little Black Dress) has a new best friend! This season's hottest and newest trend is to rock a little bright dress instead of the traditional little black dress! While keeping the elegance and simplicity of the traditional LBD, the little bright dress adds a fresh twist. This season's runway is full of bright pink, yellow, purple and blue little dresses that can work for every girl no matter her skin tone or body long as she wears it right! 


The little bright dress is not a stranger to the runway. The 1960's mod (modern) culture sparked a huge trend in women who wanted to wear dresses brighter in color and livelier in cut. The bright color trend appeared again in the 1980's when neon pink, orange, green and yellow hit the club scene. Women and men not only sported these colors on oversized sweatshirts, but on accessories for the first time. From sunglasses to sneakers, bright neon colors were making a loud and clear statement. This spring, designers are once again obsessed with bright hues...especially pink!


Keep in mind these dresses look best with nominal patterns. The emphasis should be solely on the color and cut of the dress. Also, avoid overdoing it with excessive jewelry and accessories. The dress (and the girl in it) should be the only stars of the show! Curvier girls should aim for a bright colored dress with minimal shapes that has a smocked or empire waist for a bold yet flattering look. Those not as daring or comfortable wearing brilliant hues can stay in style by wearing a traditional little black dress and accessorizing with splashes of color. Multi-toned blue and purple pumps, clutches, and nail polishes are a very easy way to get this season's hottest look. Just remember ladies to have fun with these bright colors all spring and into the summer!

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