A Dress You Might Need I.D. to Wear

Were you ever worried about spilling wine on your dress and having to deal with the stains the next day? Well, here’s some good news for you! Researchers at the University of Western Australia have found a way to make the adult beverage into clothing. You’ll never have to worry about wine stains on your dress ever again. The process of creating the dress is a lot easier than you would think because the fabric actually creates itself without any sort of weaving.

Wine Dress by Micro'be'

The wine dress’s creator, Gary Cass, found himself inspired to create such a garment when he accidentally noticed a rubbery, skin-like layer covering a tub of wine. That layer was a non-hazardous contamination in the wine called Acetobacter bacteria. Cass worked together with an artist named Donna Franklin, using the bacteria to transform alcohol into a cellulose fabric by pouring and wrapping it against a mold or a human body. The final result was a seamless material that just clings to the body. After realizing their creation, Cass and Franklin decided to try other fermented alcohols like white wine and beer. Supposedly, the fabric feels gross when it’s still wet and forming, but after it dries, the fitted material is said to feel sort of like a second skin, and since the clothing was made from living microbes, the duo decided to name the fabric, Micro'be'.

Wine Dress Wine Dress Transformation

Cass and Franklin admit that there are still flaws in their design that need to be fixed like the lack of flexibility, slipping the dress on and off, and the constant smell of alcohol. The duo is currently working on knocking out these kinks and making the fabric more commercial for potential customers keeping them optimistic about their newly found product.

Close-Up A Close-Up of the Wine Dress

Are there any advantages to this unique textile? There sure are! No sewing, which means less labor and low production costs. Micro'be' would also be an eco-friendly, organic, and biodegradable product. By the way, this isn't the first time clothing has been made out of a consumable liquid. Only last year, a German microbiology student created a fabric using milk. Don’t run out and get this wine dress just yet! You might need I.D. just to buy it!

Wine Dress finished A Dress You Can Drink
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