Art Deco Inspired Look for Homecoming

Homecoming Season is coming up! You can tailor your look for Homecoming in many ways, like the Gothic Lolita for example. It’s a stylized take on the turn of the century vintage vogue with exaggerated puffy materials. Big bold floral patterns and lace edges can be very 80s Madonna inspired. Especially if you do hard accessories like a leather cuff or short booties. You can put big lace and tulle skirts together with contrasting accessories, like cowboy boots for example. There is also the Art deco inspired look. A classic style with geometric designs and heavy embellishment. Girls are getting very creative at making these styles all their own. There is a dress out there for you. Whether you want to reveal or conceal, any way you are most comfortable, today there really are no rules.

One impression to consider is the polished mode of the art deco movement. The tendency for this look to reemerge time and again is expected. Designers thrive when they pull their creativity from art trends in history. Art Deco is  both new and old, modern and understated.

art deco inspired look evening dress, 1905-10 From the Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arkitektur og Design via Fripperies and FobsArt Deco, Art Nouveau, and the Egyptian Revival Styles

If you are looking to do something bold, classic and completely chic, think about the art deco style. Vintage is making a comeback. Artists and Designers from the Art Nouveau are serving as design inspiration for contemporary looks for formal dresses. Graphic prints and embellished details in the bodice and sleeve, these are ideas that come from the cusp between the bohemian and art deco eras. If you ever peruse an art history book, you may recognize styles of dress from the subjects featured in works by Degas, Klimt and Sargent.

Turn on your inner fashionista and think back to the quality dresses Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the City: bold prints, soft neutrals and always some sparkleversace mille feuille dress gallery art deco inspired look. Seek out embroidered bodice, cap sleeve, flowing skirts and a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels. These elements come into play with today's fashions for the first reception of the year. There is a fun mix of pieces that refer back to the deco period of the 1920s, and dress forms that harken back to the 1950s. There is a variety of styles available, but the classic forms of the Art Deco era keep coming back in sleek and stylized ways.

The Art deco fad is very versatile. It can be worn as a structured short and sweet 50s era cocktail dress or a flowing bohemian style gown. The inspiration for the Art Deco styles was drawn from the Egyptian Revival movement. Today’s designers strike a balance between costume and classic with a spin on this vintage style. Most styles are either an all over pattern or just a bold statement of beadwork around the bib or over the entire bodice. Very elegant forms like long tunics, wrap front dresses and fluid free flowing skirts are the essence of this movement. Think about three key elements when looking to emulate this style: embellished beadwork in metallic, geometric patterns, mixed patterns, and classic forms like tea dress length skirts and floor-length gowns.

Do Like the Artists Do

Debutants, fashion designers, and socialites were the real-life inspiration for many artists in this period. They were the tastemakers of the era. Gustav Klimt and John Singer Sargent pulled aside friends and family to pose in carefully crafted compositions in posh gowns of the day. Klimt even went a step further and designed dresses for his friends. He then featured these creations on the models in his paintings. His playful style was notable at the time, combining patterns and textures were new to that period. On the other end of the spectrum, Sargent stuck to classic forms with minimal embellishment, using it only for emphasis to draw attention to the face, or more sensual areas like bare shoulders or the line of a woman’s wrist. The best part about this style is that you can show off your best features without the worry of a wardrobe malfunction. For your homecoming dress, you can do something body hugging or free flowing. Stay in your comfort zone or take a risk with something different, it’s all up to you.

Inspired Looks from Film and Television

daisy from the great gatsby art deco inspired lookOne inspirational character that comes to mind is Daisy from the Great Gatsby. Nantucket summer cocktail parties and evenings out on the town in New York City, this art deco trend covers an array of cliques. If you want to be a little more preppy and formal, or if you prefer something breezy and celestial, certainly there is a mode that fits your taste within this line.
Shows like Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Boardwalk Empire have spurned on the inspiration for a past era in fads coming back. It’s a classy elegant look with attention to detail in beadwork and luxe accessories. There is a mix between sequins and faceted beads that created the most impact in regards to sparkle. These dresses can be long or short. Frills and layers in the skirt can make the overall look either contemporary or vintage. You can do a structured cocktail dress or an easy breezy babydoll, the forms are really endless and there’s something that fit every personality.

A Variety of Trends under the Art Deco Umbrella

Shail K. 3234 art deco inspired look Beaded Cap Sleeve Short Dress Shail K. 3234

The idea of Art Deco bleeds through the decades, from the 1920s up until the 1950s in trending dress styles. There are so many options when you narrow it down to the Art Deco style. Within this Trend, you can have a plethora of options in Neutrals. Take one of the summer's major trends and carry it over to fall. Pick a limited color palette in white and nude for a streamlined homecoming look. Designer Shail K. has picked up on this with their Beaded Cap Sleeve Short Dress. Since it is done in neutral tones it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as other options in gem hues. If an allover embellished look seems to be too much for you, Sticks & Stones by Mori Lee makes the perfect Beaded Jersey Cocktail Dress. It gives you a form-fitting look with just the right amount of bling along the torso.

Florals and chevron pattern are prevalent in this trend. Many designers at all price points are using these elements to piece together an art deco look with flair. These modern materials allow for a heavy saturation of beadwork without being weighing a ton on your back and shoulders all evening. Instead of delicate gauzy material, designers are using jersey as a base for beadwork. These dresses are made for more than one night out, instead of using something with a netted backing, these materials lay flat against the body, giving you that all over beading look without adding unwanted bulk to your silhouette.

All things Art Deco seem to emerge in a cycle. It never really goes out of style. Even in home decor and car design, the art deco movement is very influential today. These modes range from clean geometric shapes to flowing empress gowns.

Scala 25400 Platinum Jeweled Sequin Two Piece Dress Scala 25400

A parallel can be made between the formal dresses of today to museum quality gowns from the early 1900s. Designers like Sherri Hill seem to chart inspiration from art deco design staples, like a heavily embroidered and beaded bodice with a flowing skirt in a solid color. Sherri Hill makes Short Cap Sleeve Dresses that are either completely covered in metallic and sea glass beading or a smattering of beadwork around the neckline.
I really love what Scala is doing with their two piece cocktail dresses. All over jewel encrusted beadwork makes this a great option for those of you who want to show some skin coming off the summer season, but it’s detailing makes it a great choice for a formal dance or dinner event. Depending
on what you decide to do with your hair and makeup, these three art deco inspired look dresses via rissyroos on tumblrdesigner looks can transform you into either a bohemian art nouveau muse or a stately empress.

La Femme is also a designer doing some vintage inspired looks for homecoming season. Using bold stripes and a monochromatic color scheme, dresses like their Striped Cocktail Dress and Short Sleeve Satin Party Dress are perfectly suited for the art deco trend. If a bold pattern is hard for you to pull off, or it’s just not your style, consider a dress in a solid color like a cap sleeve party dress (La Femme Style #21984 ) and pair that with kitten heels and a big statement piece of jewelry.

Alyce 6476 Art Deco inspired look Jeweled Teal Lace Crop Top Gown Alyce 6476 - On Sale - Over 50% Off!

Designer Alyce makes a Jeweled Teal Lace Crop Top Gown (Style #6476) that is a lovely option. It has all the hallmarks of the art deco period. It is a heavily beaded crop top with attention to the neckline and a loose free unconfined floor length skirt. This modern take shows off the back with additional beadwork criss-crossing just under the shoulder blades. This makes a great option for those of you who want to have a balance between classic flair and a modern shape.

Keep Accessories Simple
Since dress styles in this direction are heavily patterned. Keep other elements simple and monochromatic. A clutch purse and classic pumps in one color are a perfect match with any dress to begin with. Keep your neckline in mind, if you have an open neck on your dress, this might be a good opportunity for a choker style necklace. If your dress is more of a classic form, a crystal bib necklace would be just perfect. A pair of cocktail cluster earrings is a good idea if your neckline is heavily embroidered already. You might be able to find some on trend pieces in your grandmother’s costume jewelry. Pearls are always a safe bet. You can go big and have a bold statement, or try a small seed pearl brooch for a more diminutive look.

Any way you want to wear it, the Art Deco inspired look trend is always a great choice. It keeps coming back because of its clean and classic components, giving ladies many options when it comes to skirt lengths and body conscious dress forms. High end designers keep reviving this trend because it is both versatile and smart. It can be clean lines or over the top adornment, or even both at the same time. Try this craze with your existing accessories to make it your own, or try shopping a brand new head to toe look for a fresh vogue statement.


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