Bannish your Black! It’s the LWD!

Winter Whites, No Whites after Labor Day/No Whites before Memorial Day – Tired of all the wearing white rules? Yeah, so are we. So we’re tossing the rules right out the window and making some of our own. In the words of the great Bill Maher, it’s time for NEW RULES.  This week’s new rule is one of empowerment and one that is well over due. Wear your Whites, ladies and wear them proud!

Kiss the safety of your LBD goodbye and trade up for the one that will make you stand out from the crowd.  The Little White Dress is emerging this season and has staying power! No Diddy White Party Necessary!  Check out some of these hot LWD’s that are sure to make you a hit!

More Whites available at Rissy Roo's

La Femme Style 16368

La Femme Style 16173

La Femme Style 16060

La Femme Style 16711

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