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Whether you’re going off to college for the first time, or heading back from summer break, there are certain must haves to make your back to school style fashionable and easy to maintain.  In High School it might have been the cool thing to buy a completely new wardrobe for school each year, but College life means living on a budget now.  Don’t go overboard with school clothes shopping anymore!  By adding just a few new pieces to your wardrobe, you don’t have to break the bank to be trendy this year.

College Fashion 2012 One major thing to remember about college is that your night life might be a lot different from your daytime routine.  Since you’ll want to look cute all the time, try buying a few basic wardrobe items that can be versatile.  For example: a blazer can be worn with skinny jeans or over a dress.  Basic tank tops are always useful to wear under clothes or on their own, and so are fitted tees.  Layering clothes is always popular In College because it can lead to a ton of different outfit combinations.  Bring some cardigans or sweaters that you can throw on overtop of your shirts once it gets cooler out, so that your warmer clothes can still get some use in the Fall.

However fashionable your outfit may be, once the cold air rolls in this November most of your classmates will only be seeing your fall or winter coat while you walk around campus.  Seventeen magazine mentions that buying a “stunning coat” for college can make you stand out.  Avoid the basic black peacoat this year and get something a little more colorful.  Try out a new pattern or take a risk with a brightly colored coat to make a fashion statement at college.

College Fashion Shoes 2012When it comes to buying new shoes for college, stick to the basics.  No one is going to be impressed by a flashy pair of expensive heels, so leave those at home.  Since you’ll be walking all over campus for classes and activities, try to buy shoes that you know you’ll be comfortable in.  A pair of cute flats or some trendy moccasins can be your go-to shoes for walking to and from class each day.  Of course, a classic pair of pumps that match a variety of outfits is always a good choice as well, in case you’re heading out for the night and want to get dressier.  Whatever shoe style you like, try to find colors that can be worn with everything, for those mornings when you roll out of bed late and just need to find something quick to wear.

Last but not least, adding accessories to your wardrobe is key.  Make sure you bring some necklaces, earrings, stylish belts and scarves with you to school.  Any of these accessories, added to an outfit, can completely revitalize it.  Since you want to buy things that can be worn multiple times, find accessories that you can partner with several different outfits.  As long as you have these basic pieces in your wardrobe, staying stylish at school will be a breeze.  Just remember to keep it comfy, buy things that can be versatile, and get creative with your outfits.

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