Fitness Friday: Work Out at Home with P90X

We're sure you've heard all about P90X at this point - from friends, family, and if you're a late nighter, the constant advertisements! Tony Horton, the spokesperson for the home fitness program, states that all you need is 90 days to get "huge results" with P90X. Sound a little too good to be true? Maybe! But, with Prom right around the corner, this may just be the exercise routine to make sure you look perfect in your dress on prom night!

Reasons to try P90X


Some of the Roo Girls here have tried P90X out, but have only given the program a couple of sessions so far. The girls have said it's definitely very hard and seems promising, but is it worth the dedication with so little time left until you're putting on your prom dress? We've been perusing the Internet to get the answer, and have especially liked Shape Magazine's reasons to keep with the program.

Our favorite reasons from Shape that made the Roo Girls decide to keep at it are:

1. Well-rounded workouts: P90X works your body from every angle, since it draws from weight lifting, interval training, martial arts, and even yoga. It's a great way to increase your power, strength, balance, and athletic ability, and will not only get you looking fit for prom, but in tip-top shape for whatever sport you may play!

2. Less risk of injury: Shape Magazine mentions: "Injuries often happen when you repeat the same motion over and over again, as in running. P90X has you changing your routine so often that it reduces your risk of repetitive use injuries." Sounds like a good way to not risk going to prom in a cast to us!

3. No boredom: One of our biggest hurdles with working out is the repetitiveness of going to the gym every day and hopping on either the treadmill or the bike. P90X is all about variety - one day you're doing interval training, and the next you're boxing.

4. Mental Toughness: It's always difficult to force yourself to do things that you've never done before. But, prom represents the end of a phase for many people - Seniors will be moving onto college, and Juniors will soon become Seniors and getting ready for the next big phase in their lives. So, what better way to start preparing your mind and body for new hurdles?

5. Entertainment: Tony is a very amusing trainer, always cracking jokes and coming up with silly moves for fitness purposes. It's a great way to keep your mind off the pain!

You may not have a chance to finish the full 90 days before your prom, but this definitely seems like a program that you'll see positive results from even after 30 days. And, with Summer only months away, it will surely have you in perfectly fit to be heading to the beach in June!

If you haven't seen enough of the ads yet, below is a great introductory video to P90X:

To get Shape Magazine's full list of reasons why to try P90X, check out their article "10 Reasons You Should Try P90X."


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