This Girl Gets A Second Chance At Prom Thanks To Her Brother

Prom is usually special night to remember. But, eighteen year old high school student Olivia Pelley ended up missing her prom after needing to be rushed to the hospital. She told ABC News that while in the middle of taking pictures with her classmates before attending the Cochrane-Fountain City High School junior prom on April 25th, she started to not feel well, experiencing pain, and went to the hospital.

Olivia Pelley Gets A Second Chance At Prom

Olivia explained to ABC News, "I couldn't stand. I couldn't concentrate. I didn't want to go [to the hospital]. I didnt' want to think something was wrong with me. I wanted to go to prom." Still in her prom dress, she went straight to the hospital and missed her prom.

Olivia had a kidney transplant from her dad seven years ago and has been dealing with many health complications since. But, she was finally starting to feel better in the weeks before her prom. Her classmates had even voted her prom queen, and she was planning on going to prom with her very first date ever.

But, Olivia has one amazing older brother and he stepped right in to help make sure Prom 2015 wasn't completely ruined for her. Michael explained, "As soon as I got that call about what happened, I immediately though, 'I need to do something.'" The twenty-two year old who attends Winona State University started planning a second prom for his younger sister. He told ABC News, "I was determined to make it happen. I couldn't let one of the greatest moments in my sister's life turn into the most tragic." And, plan he did!

Olivia and Michael PelleyWith the help of Olivia's high school principal and vice principal, local businesses to sponsor, and classmates, Michael put all of the pieces together and raised enough money to have a do-over prom at the school. He even got her prom date to show up and booked the same DJ from the junior prom she missed!

At least 70 people showed up, giving Olivia a prom night to remember. She explained, "I had a great time! This prom was fun because it was with my friends and family, and I got to spend time with people I love."

Unfortunately, Olivia's health problems are not over. She may even need to receive another kidney transplant. Fortunately, though, Olivia's big brother Michael's unconditional help is never over. He set up a GoFundMe in order to help raise money for Olivia's medical expenses, including hopefully helping to find possible donors. You can read more a Olivia's story on her GoFundMe page and learn how to help out. We're so glad Olivia has such an incredible brother to not only give her a second chance at prom, but look out for her in every other aspect of her life, as well.

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