New Ways to Celebrate with your Valentine

This Valentine's Day, you and your loved one will probably do the usual romantic dinner and movies. But, if you didn't already make reservations, your go-to restaurants are most likely all booked or have a long waiting list. Instead of waiting to be seated and starving, why not try something a little fun and different? Celebrate the day of love doing something out of the ordinary and memorable. Below are some new ways to get romantic!

Visit a Museum or Zoo

Skip the movies and head over to your local museum or a zoo! If you're a couple that loves to learn and read books, this is the perfect way to spend the most romantic day of all educating yourselves together!


Go see a Broadway or Comedy Show

Try one of these entertaining dates! Whether you're going to see a Broadway or comedy show, you two will certainly be having a good laugh (or cry) together. We recommend picking a show that you know you'll instantly bond over.


Go on an Adventure Course

It can't get any more exciting than this! Are you and your significant other gym buddies to the core? If so, this fun experience will give you two an unforgettable adrenaline rush!


Take a Cooking Class or Dance Lesson

Who knew learning could be so romantic?! Whether you're learning how to make souffle or learning salsa moves, you two will definitely enjoy this bonding experience. Best yet, come next year's Valentine's Day, you'll be able to put your skills to work!


Want a Relaxing Evening? Go for a Couple's Massage

This one is so romantic! Who wouldn't want to have a spa day with their better half? You'll be able to enjoy each other's company while having a super calm and easy day.

Portrait of a couple getting a romantic massage

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day? Are you going to celebrate differently? Tell us how by leaving a comment below!

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