Summer Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Turning 16 is special enough, but turning 16 in the summer can be even sweeter! For those having a festive party to honor this pastime, we put together some Summer Sweet 16 party ideas. Let's face it, many spectacular parties can be held year round, but certain ideas are much better fit for the Summer months due to nicer weather, more time to plan, and not so many conflicts in schedules. Of course, all Summer Sweet 16 party ideas are fabulous, but we figured a little creativity can go a long way, to make your party all the more extraordinary!

Summer Sweet 16 Party Trends-Keep Calm and Happy Sweet 16

Hawaiian Luau or Tropical Theme

Although this party theme can be done any month of the year, we feel the idea tends to be much more "authentic" if it is done outdoors. Depending on the size of your party, we like taking the fiesta to the beach where things can really get tropical! If you have the party around sundown, you can give your guests the option to dress up or down, while still being comfortable in flip flips or just their bare feet in the sand. Plus, a party at night will put your guests beneath the stars and allow for some bonfires to be lit while dinner is served or games are played. Keep the menu tropical with kebab, sushi, noodle bowls, and don't forget to serve exotic looking "mock-tails" in carved out fruits! If you don't have a beach nearby, use a pool or backyard and try to decorate accordingly. Or, for the girl not really on a budget, you can rent out a hotel pool area and have your own paradise created for you. With the right music and the proper decorations, you will be doing the limbo in a grass skirt before you know it!

Summer Sweet 16 Party Ideas-Hawaiin Luau Party

Ball Under The Stars

This is one of our favorite Sweet 16 party ideas because not only can you and your guests party beneath the stars, you can dress up like "stars" too! The venue for this party idea is very versatile because you can have it outside on a starry night, inside a tent, or even inside on a dance floor with stars created on the ceiling and floor to get the starry night illusion. Everything from the party favors to the music can be star themed and you can dance the night away in a wonderland of romance just like in the movies! For a party like this, stick with butler style finger foods and sparkling sodas and ciders for a trendy effect.  Don't forget to dress elegantly, and tell your guests in advance to dress accordingly. We like the idea of the birthday girl as the center of attention, so advise your guests to stick to a certain color palette, so you can truly stand out and be the showstopper that you are!

Summer Sweet 16 Party Ideas- Under the Stars Ball

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Having a tea party for a Summer Sweet 16 is the best idea since mini tea sandwiches. The boys invited will even have a blast from the very moment they arrive and put on the Mad Hatter's funny hats and drink tiny bottles of "exotic potions." Okay, well there will be plenty of sodas and fun things to eat... after all, the way to a man's heart is his tummy! However, having this lavish tea party is no longer a little girl's Disney themed party, but a crazy ride of unusual fun! The wild decorations will be enough to have everyone cheering and laughing, while the yummy tea party desserts will give the guests enough energy for fun games all afternoon long. This idea is perfect for a summer afternoon outside with your closest friends and family and is perfect for the gal on a budget because all the food and decor are very Do-It-Yourself friendly. This allows more funds to be spent on an awesome dress! You could even dress up like Alice in a pretty blue dress like La Femme 20590 chiffon dress in powder blue, which is perfect for a summer afternoon party!

Summer Sweet 16 Party Ideas-Alice in Wonderland Dress-La Femme 20590

Summer Sweet 16 Party Idea- Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Are you planning your Summer Sweet 16 party yet? Have any comments or questions for us? Please let us know, we love hearing from our Roo Girls!

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