Ways to Avoid the Summer Heat and Humidity!

With the summer season in full-effect, the heat is scorching and the humidity is almost unbearable! Whenever us Roo Girls aren't soaking up the sun at the beach or pool, we're definitely looking for ways to stay cool! If you're looking for some great ways to break the heat, here are our favorite ways to avoid that sizzling summer weather:


Visit your local mall! The mall is always a great place to cool down and spend some quality time shopping or eating at the food court with your friends! And, of course, finding a cute summer outfit!


Do you know the reason most people went to movie theaters when they were first built? Because they had air conditioning! Air conditioners have always been such an essential part of the movie experience that they were even installed in movie theaters before cup holders were! Movie theaters still make for a great place to cool down in the present day, especially with all of the great blockbuster hits that always come out in the summer time!


Book stores make a great cooling station. There's nothing more relaxing than finding a good book and reading it in your favorite local book store. Also, most book stores have coffee shops attached to them, making it a breeze for you to grab your favorite frozen drink!

Whether mall, theater, book store, or other activities, there's definitely a lot of cool ways to beat the summer heat. What do you do to stay cool during the summer season? Comment below to share!

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