What to Wear to a Fall Wedding?

Summer weddings are the best time for pastel colors, bright patterns, and for showing off skin. But if you're attending a wedding this October or November, you may be wondering what to wear to a fall wedding.

Fall weddings are exceptionally beautiful, and if you're invited to one, feel excited! The crisp air and the deep, warm colors of autumn will make for an evening you'll never forget.

Want to make it even more special?

Don't just dress for the occasion...

Dress for the season!

If you're attending a wedding this fall, plan on hanging up your go-to summer dress and sandal heels. Rise to the occasion for the fall wedding season and be the best dressed by far!

Here's what to wear to a fall wedding...!

Embrace the Colors of Fall

Summer weddings are all about corals and pastels and floral patterns. But colors that shine in the summer will look gaudy at a fall wedding.

So, what kind of wedding guest dresses are appropriate in the fall?

Fall is about toning down the neon and pastel colors of summer and embracing their darker tones.

We're talking burgundy, emerald, wine, mustard yellow, plum, and other jewel tones. Deeper oranges are appropriate, too.

Think of the colors of the fall season. The trees will be turning red and brown, the sky will be cloudier, and the air will be crisp. You want your dress to resonate well with the atmosphere of fall.

You can easily get away with wearing earth tones at a fall wedding. If you want to go for a lighter color dress, you can easily draw from the earth tone palette, especially beige.

Black is always appropriate, especially if you'll be attending a formal wedding. Consider playing up your black dress with gold jewelry or jewel-toned shoes.

Print dresses are fine. But they're more appropriate for casual or outdoor weddings. Go for a dress with dark colored prints that resonate well with the autumn season.

Deep colors and jewel tones are a yes. And wearing white is - always - a big no.

Bust Out the Heavier Fabrics

We can get away with wearing chiffon, silk, and other flowing fabrics in the summer. For summer weddings, the goal is to stay cool, so lightweight and transparent fabrics are key.

But it's quite the opposite for fall weddings. Fall means cooler weather. After all, it marks the transition into winter.

Which means heavier fabrics are a must! Even bridal dresses need to be suitable enough for the cold fall weather!

Satin is your best bet for formal fabric. But if you want something shimmery, there's charmeuse, luster satin, and shantung.

There's no way around it: Evening gowns are a must for black-tie weddings. Fortunately, most evening gowns are made with satin or heavier fabrics, so you won't have to worry about being cold.

If your invitation says "Festive" or "Semi-Casual", you can get away with textured fabrics. Velvet is a popular fabric for the fall that makes heads turn for all the right reasons. Then there's guipure lace if you want to go for something more fun and girly.

Go Long & Cover Up

Now that we've covered heavy fabrics for fall weddings, it's time to discuss dress length.

Because fall weddings mean cooler weather, it'll be time to cover up.

Summertime allows for above-the-knee and backless dresses. But as the weather transitions to winter, it's time to embrace long dresses.

But we're not saying you can't show off some skin, either!

Fall is an excellent time to rock those long, slinky dresses with v-necklines. These dresses are especially suitable if they're long sleeved. A dress with a slit that goes no higher than the knee is suitable, as well.

Off-the-shoulder dresses are a classic style that works for every season. Plus, they add some personality to any formal dress.

Knee-length dresses are fine for fall weddings in the morning or afternoon. Shoot for a knee-length or calf-length dress with long sleeves, or cover up with a shawl.

But by evening, you should go for as long of a look as possible.

Looking to make a statement with your fall dress? Go for a knee-length turtleneck dress, a velvet v-neck dress, or a long sleeve 2-in-1.

When tasteful, it's OK to show off a little skin this fall. Think long, and rule out strapless or backless dresses, period. And forget about spaghetti straps.

The Bride with her Bridesmaids

Rock a Shawl or Wrap

Many people think of shawls when they wonder what to wear to a fall wedding. There's no better time of year to turn heads with a gorgeous shawl or draped wrap.

Shawls and wraps are elegant and add touches of femininity and grace. Since it's a chillier time of year anyways, a shawl or wrap will be your best friend when the party moves outside.

Wraps and shawls should match your dress and complement your shoes and accessories. If you're in need of a shawl for a casual wedding, go for something formal, to be on the safe side.

For formal weddings, fur shawls or fringe wraps add the touch of elegance you want. Plus, they can glam up almost any black gown.

Accessorize in True Autumn Spirit

Now that we've covered what to wear to a fall wedding, now it's time to talk about accessories! Between the clutches, jewelry, makeup, and shoes, what could go wrong?

Though accessories are only minor details, they can make or break any outfit. The guidelines for fall wedding accessories aren't rigid, but there are a few things to know.

Even if the wedding takes place on a warm day, it's inappropriate to wear open-toed shoes to a fall event. Younger people tend to not care so much about whether someone's shoes are open or closed-toe. But there's no point in risking the possibility of drawing negative attention.

So, no sandals or open-toed shoes. Luckily, you have your choosing from an endless variety of closed-toe shoes! There are plenty of closed-toe shoes out there that come in a variety of heel sizes, colors, and material.

Think gold and metallic jewelry, clutches, and handbags. Keep golds and metallic colors to a minimum. They'll add some shimmer to your outfit, but you don't want to overdo it.

Your makeup has the power to pull your entire outfit together. Autumn is the perfect time for deep lipstick colors, like plum, chestnut, taupe, or wine. Go for smokey eyes, or play around with brown eyeshadow and shimmers.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

It's the middle of summer wedding season. But that doesn't mean you should put off thinking about what you're going to wear for the fall wedding season!

Still wondering what to wear to a fall wedding? Want some more ideas for dresses, shoes, and accessories? Rissy Roo's can help you find your dream autumn dress - and more!

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