RE: [0-0132000014543] DMCA Notice Web Form Submission:

I, Michael DeLuca, wrote the copyrighted descriptions and created the copyright images. I am an authorized representative of


I have attached a copy of a paycheck from Rissy Roo's to prove that I am an authorized agent. I have also created a page on with the contents of this letter for verfication, You will find it at


I operate all aspects of the website.I also operate all Google properties using the e-mail The domain is registered in my sister's name, Marissa Sharp. Her email is We can confirm from either e-mail address should it be necessary. I have cc'd each with this e-mail.


The store phone number that is registered for the domain is our local store number, 609-926-9200. You can contact Marissa Sharp at this number to confirm. Additionally, the 1-866-RSY-ROOS phone number that you find in the copied descriptions on the offending website is our toll free number. You can contact us at that number and we will confirm the same.


Rissy Roo's is a dba of Sea Shell Model Agency. The owner is my mother, Shelly DeLuca. Her e-mail is You are free to contact her for confirm that I am an authorized representative. I have cc'd her as well.


This is just one of many sites that has stolen copyrighted materials from our site. If there is an e-mail address I should submit from, or any other information that you require while submitting my upcoming removal requests, please let me know the best method for doing so.


I greatly appreciate your attention to this matter and am available at all times at 609-442-4212 should you need any further information whatsoever.



Michael J. DeLuca

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