10 Instant Oomphs for Everyday Outfits

What exactly do we look for in a stylish getup? Every day millions and millions of women around the world rack their brains for ideas, novel and revived, and garner piles and piles of compilations of what we like to call "outfit inspirations," may it be in the form of Pinterest boards, screen-captures, and whatnot. Today, we do not question the need to dress up but instead the need to dress up fashionably. The drive and the thirst for the pleasure and sometimes the prestige that comes from looking and being stylish cannot be denied. Not only do we question, but more importantly, today we also seek to uncover simple yet effective ways we can apply in everyday sartorial selections to meet the said need, drive, and thirst to be perceived as fashionable and stylish.

Making a fashion statement while incorporating one's personal style is what it's all about. This is where one can make an impact in the way he or she dresses.  Albeit possibly inspired by others, you can stake claim to originality and novelty by adding your own personal flare. The majority of our inspiration resources pitch ideas that may or may not be of use, as they may or may not coincide with one’s personal taste and preference. Have you ever thought of allowing these ideas to adapt to your taste and preference instead of the other way around? They do not necessarily equate to being of no value at all — either you find variations to make them suitable for you or you take note of those which do not suit you. But before you go about identifying which styling tips are not for you, keep an open mind and give them a try by incorporating your own personal twists. You never know when you might discover something you not only may like but will, in fact, love. This is not to say that you should try to make everything work for you but simply to keep your options open. Though it is often a struggle to go outside your comfort zone, it can be essential when truly developing your own personal style. Get into the art of it — enough looking for something that will work for you but instead start looking for ways on how to make something work for you. Do not limit yourself to what is already out there, but expand it and even gain inspiration from it. Make your statement.

The number one culprit to the lack of a personal fashion statement is sheer laziness, occasionally disguised as the desire to achieve an effortless look. This is not always a bad thing, as noted by the recent revival of the grunge fashion look. It is definitely more than okay to opt for a laid-back look every now and then or even more often if you'd like. But not all times call for all-out effortlessness. In fact, no matter how much we allow ourselves to indulge in our dispositions to just grab a ho-hum looking piece, the fashionista in our head still seeks to make a statement. But, sometimes our laziness gets the best of us. This is the case for when we do not have a backup plan, which involves laid-out key tricks to make use of when certain circumstances and moods, especially, arise. A backup plan should always be ready and at hand, so identify and create ways that suit you to instantly add that missing dose of personality when you can't be bothered to think something up.

How does one come up with a backup plan? What we wear is not just a mere reflection of how well we fix ourselves up but also a reflection of who we are and what better way to do that than actually letting our own personal creativity and style guide the way?  In a way, this is staying true to ourselves. What sense would it make if we were attempting to look stylish and own our looks but not portray our true (best) selves? Look for trends and styles that are tasteful to you and even ones that you typically wouldn't go for but you think are workable. Through this we see the importance of sticking to what is tried and true while still often trying to (tastefully) break the actually non-existent "rules." From here on, you should be able to have an idea of how to incorporate your personality, your taste, and your range of flexibility for novelty altogether.

A backup plan is best not generalized. In fact, a backup plan is only efficient when broken down to the specifics. The following tricks should allow room for experimentation. It may surprise you to find a number of different looks and styles you would be able to create with just one of these! I'm betting you'd also be surprised by how much impact and statement even the subtlest of these pieces and accessories have on an outfit.

1. Put on a hat or a cap. 

Source: PinMakeupTips Source: PinMakeupTips

I have come to know that a lot of people would choose not to associate themselves and their style with hats. In my case, I have always believed in their ability to add character to an ensemble, yet I have come to witness the struggle to find just the right one to complement myself and my outfit. Still, on occasion, the perfect match will definitely add a certain panache to an outfit's statement. These can bring an instant and powerful transition of vibe to anyone's outfit. The ultimately wide range of selections and styles of hats and caps out there might seem intimidating, but remembering what your statement is all about will guide you through. Most variations of hats are more out-there in comparison to that of caps which are more casual. I personally have a go-to cap that goes along with just about everything, but every now and then I decide to switch it up for something more adventurous — just remember that playing it safe, especially when done all the time, is not as safe as you think.

2. Tie a button-down around your waist.

Source: WhoWhatWear.com Source: WhoWhatWear.com

Flannel shirts are a favorite for this, but any button-down with long enough sleeves to tie together while still having a part of them dangle will do. When done right, there is just something about this trick that gives off a cool, effortless vibe without overdoing it. In fact, lately, more and more use this trick in a pretty impractical manner, namely while wearing either an outerwear, a long-sleeved shirt, or a button-down as a top. It has been accustomed to people that a sweater tied around the waist is an act done when one does not feel the need to wear it (properly) anymore. Now, it has become an accessory, that even when when worn "impractically," predominantly catches that stylish, laid-back feel.

3. Put on a flashy or unique pair of sunglasses.

Source: @quayaustralia on Instagram

If you're not one for sunny days, you've now found one of their advantages! Not only does a pair of stylish specs add flare to the outside but it does so too on the inside. Aside from UV protection, A chic pair of sunnies can serve as an instant boost of confidence, don't you agree? Heaps of different styles are out there — aviator, shield, clubmaster, etc. Find one that suits you and your personal fashion style, one that really brings attitude. Perhaps try mirrored or maybe colored frames? Your call!

4. Cinch your waist with a belt.

Source: livingly.com Source: Livingly.com

Don't you think this accessory seems to have been underrated, taken for granted, and not given enough credit lately? We should all know by now that a nice belt is not only good for showing off curves and for holding up bottoms! There are as many ways to style them as there is variety of belts out there. But, just as I have been as neglective as most of us, they're not always easy to remember and to come up with. What's easy is sticking to the usual. But if we just try to open our minds, we'd be surprised. Tie them around a boxy poncho or coat, cinch a dress, romper, or a jumpsuit. Wear them on the hips instead with pants and a tucked-in shirt, opt for a thinner belt for a dainty feel and a thicker one for something more noticeable and of stronger effect. Experiment with different materials such as chain, leather, and whatnot! Personally, belts have often been unnecessary for me. I rarely find a reason to make use of them, but I've come to find that on occasion, I would feel a missing piece and only a belt could fill that fashion void.  Much to my surprise, I've now come to find myself keeping a bunch of different kinds of belts in my closet.

5. Throw on a long coat, cardigan, or kimono.

Source: Withlovefromkat.com Source: WithLoveFromKat.com

Hands down, this fabulous piece is worthy of its hype. Kudos to these for allowing us the slight hint of regality (let's not kid ourselves) without having to fuss ourselves into getting an actual coat and for having to feel overtly warm from them. A good cape-like piece to drape upon our frames gives an instant aura of sophistication and isn't it great to know that as this trend is getting it's due nowadays. It wouldn't be hard to find a chic variant suitable for each of us! These are a must for me, and I wouldn't mind filling up my whole closet with a wide variety of cardigans and kimonos. My personal favorite: lapels!

6. Adorn your hand(s) with top finger rings.

Source: WeHeartIt.com Source: WeHeartIt.com

Hey, these may be tiny but they're big on statement! Here's an ultimately simple but equally effective way to achieve daintiness and sometimes edginess. People notice and look at other people's hands more often than we think, and our hands do tell more about us than they look like they could. These little trinkets are popularly worn in twos, threes, and even more, but a solo would suffice. Decide if you like sticking to a blingy one or one more muted in embellishments. Mix them up! My hands have had their fair share of the spotlight, wearing a couple top finger rings and stackable rings for that added sweet touch.

7. Sport a metallic clutch.

Source: TheQuarterlifeCloset.blogspot.com Source: TheQuarterLifeCloset

Metallic nails, bags, and metallic everything were once what magazines and campaigns were all about. Currently, it's making it's way back onto the fashion scene. No doubt this will be a perfect addition to help create your statement what with its shiny and hence easily noticeable features. Most of us just grab our one everyday bag, which we assume goes with everything we wear, but let's not miss the opportunity to use what we carry in our hands, as bags add that often lacking spice to our outfits. Unlike other kinds of embellished bags, finding a match for metallic ones are easier, considering its lack of color. Why not trade in your go-to for a metallic clutch or small satchel every now and then to add just a little more flavor to your ensemble? Maybe even give your go-to a shiny update!

8. Opt for suspenders.

Source: EverBuying.com Source: EverBuying.com

By far the most underrated of the ten, suspenders are often, if not always, mistaken as good only for men's and preppy and geeky looks. These popular notions are often what makes or breaks style, so do not allow them to do the latter to yours! Finding a cute ensemble to wear suspenders with is fun because you can practically wear them with anything, given the range of colors and styles available! You can even use suspenders meant to be worn by men, just as long as it fits right. Wear suspenders with a tucked in shirt or even a cropped one!

9. Slip on a pair of shiny shoes or sandals.

Source: Mery.jp Source: Mery.jp

The fame of metallic and blinged up shoes (re)made their debut not so long ago, and we couldn't be happier because finally, however casual an outfit looks, putting on a pair can immediately enhance its wow factor. Other than that, finding a complementing look is a piece of cake, considering colors are out of the question as mentioned earlier. Keep a pair just in case you find yourself in a hurry and grabbing the first comfy-joggers-and-t-shirt combo you get your hands on. These famously come in brogues and mandals.

10. Wear a smile on your face and keep your head up.

Cliche, but only for a justifiable reason — it works and it works well. Light up the room not only with your shiny pieces but definitely, more importantly, also with your bright whites and a confident demeanor to go along with. Just imagine, wouldn't you be more fond of the less stylish but confident rather than the more stylish but not confident? What you wear matters, but it matters more how you project what you wear, as it leaves a stronger impact and impression — as it leaves an impact and an impression, period.

Once you have your personal fashion statement down pat, coming up with your own instantaneous ways of spicing up your looks shouldn't be as much of a fuss. Just remember, the rules in fashion are made for breaking, so find your inner style and bring out the rebel in you.

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