Beautiful High School Senior Pictures In Your Rissy Roo's Dress!

Obviously, one of the most important parts of your senior year is finding that perfect prom dress and making sure everything is in place for the most magical prom night ever. Of course, another important part of senior year are your senior portraits. While the school senior portraits are always an important part of senior year, there are certainly more fun and memorable ways to take senior pictures now, and one way is in your prom dress!

Jules Portrait and JP17Seniors have a brand new take on high school senior pictures... and it involves your prom dress! When you get your high school senior pictures taken by JP17Senior portraits, you can choose packages based on how many outfits your bring, so there are a lot of possibilities for pictures that you'll have forever (and that couldn't be more perfect for some Facebook and Instagram posting).Melaine in her Rissy Roo's Prom Gown Photographed by JP17SeniorsMelaine, a senior from OLMA, recently got her senior pictures done by Jules and JP17Seniors in her prom dress, and they came our so gorgeous! Melaine chose La Femme 21101 as her prom dress, and the dress couldn't have been more perfect for some portraits. Melaine's Senior Photos with Jules Portrait

When you get your senior portraits done by Jules, each outfit you bring is photographed in a different background so each picture is unique. The day Jules took Melaine's photos was a warm, breezy day, which was perfect for showing off the flow of the prom dress.

Our favorite part about JP17Seniors is that if your friends get pictures done by Jules, too, it's not to worry because each session is unique and Jules will make sure not to do the same thing. This will sound familiar to our local NJ Roo Girls - it's just like how Rissy Roo's makes sure that the same prom dress isn't sold twice to the same high school prom!

Senior Prom Pictures by Jules Portrait and JP17Seniors

If you're excited and ready for your senior portraits, Jules and JP17Seniors has a special promotion where if you schedule your senior pictures by April 1st for this coming summer, you'll get a free gift. Jules and her makeup artist book up quickly during July and August, so don't wait long. Most importantly: remember to have the time of your life during your high school senior year!

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