Homecoming: Find Your Perfect Match

1. Who is your dream Homecoming date?

A. Justin Bieber
B. Chris Brown
C. Robert Pattinson
D. Zac Efron
E. Taylor Luatner

2. Its Friday night, what is your go to article of clothing?

A. A flowy, white top.
B. A killer pair of pumps.
C. Your favorite pair of comfy jeans.
D. A simple little cardigan.
E. A T-Shirt with a funny slogan

3. How would you describe yourself?

A. You're bold and risk taking when it comes to style. You are proud of who you are, it doesn't matter what others think.

B. Unconventional and flashy, you will wear almost anything once. You live for fashion - and you have the closet to prove it. Your look will always turns heads.
C. You're not too classic, not too funky - just up on the latest trends. You know what looks good on you, and you love to shop! You project a smart sense of style.
D. This may not come as a surprise to you; you are very sweet and cute. You love a look that will be never be boring! You always make others laugh. No party is complete without you.
E. Having a unique style of dress is quite important to you. You're a bit of an oddball, but you're also very friendly. No worries - people find you charming!

4. How do you make your final decision on the PERFECT dress?

A. It will be the dress that stands out the most in the crowd.
B. Comfortable and flashy will be the final choice.
C. By looking at the latest fashion magazine.
D. Mom. She always knows best!
E. Your best friend of course. She holds nothing back.

5. The big day is finally here! Your date arrives and the first thing he says….?

A. “I love the print!”
B. “You look like a rock star!”
C. “You look like a movie star”
D. “Your dress is amazing and cute.”
E. “That dress is soo you.”

The results.

Mostly A’s:  You need a Printed dress!

Mostly B’s:  You would look great in a Sequin dress.

Mostly C’s:  A classic Little Black Dress is best for you.

Mostly D’s: You would look best in a Short and Poufy

Mostly E’s: Something with a different Asymmetrical Neckline will make you stand out!


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