How to Pick the Perfect Prom Hairstyle

One of the most important parts of your look is how you do your hair.  No matter what hair type you have, it’s good to think about how a certain “do” will look with your dress.  Since there are so many different styles to choose from, matching your hair style to your dress style might help with the decision.

If you plan on wearing a dress with a detailed neckline or fancy straps, your best bet is to wear your hair up.  This way you can show off your beautiful gown completely.  Your hair is important, but it’s all about the dress.  You can pick out a pretty updo at the salon that will compliment your look and go great with your outfit.


When picking a hairstyle, think about what mood you’re going for when it comes to your whole look.  If you want to be fun and flirty, let your hair down and style in some curls.  Keeping it more traditional?  Stick with a classic updo and throw in a barrette to match your dress.  Either way, you can get creative.  A nice style mix might be a side ponytail with lots of curls.  The main thing to remember is that it’s all about your dress.  You’ll look great as long as you feel comfortable and happy in what you’re wearing.


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