Still Need a Grad Dress?

Picking a dress for graduation is one of the hardest things to do. Not only will you want to find something stylish, but you need to consider a lot of other things too.  This is your last chance to show off a beautiful dress to your classmates, so don’t hold back.  Make sure you find something you love, but also think about being comfortable.

If your commencement is taking place outside, the weather is a big factor.  If it’s going to be hot out pick a dress made of thinner material so that you don’t overheat under that cap and gown.  Something strapless with a flowy skirt might be a good idea.  An indoor ceremony is easier to dress for since the weather won’t be an issue.

Most girls go with short, above the knee dresses for graduation.  Remember that family members and teachers will be there though, so try not to be too risqué.  The “finger-tip length” rule is a good one to think about when finding a short dress that still needs to be a bit conservative.  When you put your arms straight down by your sides, the bottom of your dress shouldn’t be much shorter than your fingertips.

In addition to picking out a dress, you should spend some time thinking about what shoes you want to wear.  You won’t want to trip across the stage as you’re grabbing your diploma, so don’t wear heels that you can’t handle!  Stick with something around 2 inches so that you can be comfortable while still keeping it classy.

If your school has a dress code for commencement your options might be a bit limited.  Make sure you check their policy before you buy anything.  Some schools might require the girls to wear white dresses under their gown, while others might have a rule about shoes.  Keep these standards in mind when looking at dresses.

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