Miss America 2016: Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell!

The 95 Annual Miss America pageant was a night to remember, from the various competitions of the pageant, to seeing gorgeous Sherri Hill dresses on the runway, to the moment of truth: seeing Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell being crowned... in a Panoply gown! As usual, all of the contestants wowed the crowd, but Betty took it to a whole new level and is our new Miss America 2016. Her opera performance showed off her unique and wonderful talent, and her thoughtful response when asked about the Tom Brady scandal showed just how up-to-date she is on current events.

Now that we have a new Miss America, it's time to learn more about her! E! Online recently got the scoop on our new pageant queen and put together 5 must-know things about her. Check them out below!

  1. She's a Pageant Queen, But Doesn't Consider Herself a "Pageant Girl" - Betty's first pageant competition was only in 2013, so she's very new to the pageant world by most standards. She even admitted once early on in her pageant career that she had "no clue what [she] was doing." Even so, that crown certainly looks good on her!
  2. Maybe She'll Be On Broadway Soon! - Betty sang the operatic song "Tu Tu Piccolo Iddio!" from Madame Butterfly and stunned both the audience and the judges. Plus, after winning Miss Georgia earlier this year, she told the Ledger-Inquirer that she has musical aspirations, explaining, "When I sing I want the audience, not just the judges, to feel the emotion. I want to make them feel something." Her performance certainly brought us to tears!
  3. She's A Farm Gal - She grew up on a farm in Warner Robbins, GA, where she learned to skin a rabbit, clean a deer, and plow a field. From rocking a gown in style, to singing opera, to knowing her way around a farm, she can do just about everything!
  4. She Stays Healthy and Fit - Betty had physical therapists as parents, so living a healthy lifestyle is basically in her blood. She told The Macon Telegraph that a platform she decided to pursue is "Healthy Georgia. Strong America.
  5. She's Got a New Ride! - As part of winning Miss Georgia, she was given a brand new Kia Sorento. So, keep a look-out if you live in Georgia!

Thank you to EOnline.com for giving us a little insight into our new queen! We can't wait to see what Betty has in store for us over the next year. To keep up with Betty, make sure to check out the @MissAmerica Twitter handle - she's already posted lots of new updates there.


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