• Will there be a Prom in 2021?

    Teenagers across the country are asking, will there be a prom in 2021? The answer from many sources is a resounding, YES! Prom 2021 may not be traditional, but the Class of 2021 will find a way to have a Prom.


    Historically prom has been a highlight to a teenager's high school years. Teens get all dressed up in formal attire to celebrate this special occasion. From the promposal, to choosing the perfect dress, each component of prom makes lasting memories. Many teens will find their high school years to be incomplete without this commemorative occasion.

    In 2020 many teens lost out on the special memories that come along with a Prom. A year later we are still battling Covid-19, but are less willing to give up on special occasions and milestones. This year whether it be a school-sponsored event or a private backyard occasion, Prom will happen. Some will still settle for a "virtual prom," but most will find a way to celebrate with friends in-person.

    New Jersey Covid-19 InformationCurrently in the state of New Jersey indoor gatherings for special occasions such as weddings, are limited to 35 percent of a room's capacity, but no more than 150 individuals. This is sufficient for smaller schools; however, prom at many high schools far exceeds 150 individuals and therefore creative measures will still be needed in order to have a successful prom. There are talks of area high schools using outdoor venues for prom. According to the New Jersey Covid-19 Information Hub, "There is no limit for outdoor gatherings for wedding ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, religious activities, or political activities."

    Save Prom

    As we approach Spring 2021 it's time to put on our thinking caps and ensure that high school teens are able to take part in this special occasion. The safety of all students and attendees is undoubtedly the main priority. We have proven over the last year that our communities are willing and able to take the precautions necessary to ensure safety.  A safe event is absolutely attainable. Each and every high school should be able to find a way to SAVE PROM.



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