• What to Wear to Graduation

    While the end of the year means studying for finals and putting the last touches on getting ready for prom, it also means that it's time for Graduation! Whether you're graduating from high school or college, it means that it's the celebration of the end of one stage of your life, and the soon to be new beginning of your next stage. So, while it may feel stressful right now, there will be plenty of parties to attend and plenty of fun to be had.


    What to wear on graduation day may not be first on your mind right now, but it's definitely an important thing to think about. Just like prom, it's a day that you'll never forget, and a day that many pictures will be taken! So, even though you'll be wearing a graduation gown for the ceremony, you'll definitely want to make sure you have a cute dress underneath. This way, when it's time to take off the cap and gown, you'll be ready for all the pictures (and the parties, of course)!

    When it comes to picking a dress, we recommend choosing something that's flirty and summery. A lot of graduations are held outside, so you want to make sure you're comfortable and don't get too hot. We have an exception below, but we also love dresses that are either strapless or one shoulder, because they usually won't peek through the top of your Continue reading

  • Still Need a Grad Dress?

    Picking a dress for graduation is one of the hardest things to do. Not only will you want to find something stylish, but you need to consider a lot of other things too.  This is your last chance to show off a beautiful dress to your classmates, so don’t hold back.  Make sure you find something you love, but also think about being comfortable.

    If your commencement is taking place outside, the weather is a big factor.  If it’s going to be hot out pick a dress made of thinner material so that you don’t overheat under that cap and gown.  Something strapless with a flowy skirt might be a good idea.  An indoor ceremony is easier to dress for since the weather won’t be an issue.

    Most girls go with short, above the knee dresses for graduation.  Remember that family members and teachers will be there though, so try not to be too risqué.  The “finger-tip length” rule is a good one to think about when finding a short dress that still needs to be a bit conservative.  When you put your arms straight down by your sides, the bottom of your dress shouldn’t be much shorter than your fingertips.

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