Pitch Perfect 2

  • Pitch Perfect 2 is on Its Way!

    As if I wasn't excited enough to see the first Pitch Perfect, they've decided to come out with Pitch Perfect 2 and I am so excited I can barley contain myself!

    Pitch PerfectSo far leading ladies, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are the only two girls from the pre-qual to be "officially" signed onto the second movie. And to be honest, those were the two girls I was most looking forward to! Rebel Wilson is HILARIOUS and I love Anna's rebel-chic style.

    Anna Kendrick Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect

    The entire movie is one huge laugh and it's one of those movies that you talk about with your girlfriends for weeks after you've seen it. My friends and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie and found ourselves reciting lines throughout the weeks to follow.

    pitch perfect anna kendrick

    Anna told Us Weekly in an interview, "I'm very excited! I mean I've signed on with no script, so you know, if it becomes about parasailing instead of singing, don't blame me!"

    elizabeth banks john michael higgins pitch perfect

    Signing with no script? Wow that's daring. But we have faith! Especially since Elizabeth Banks, who played an announcer at the A Cappella performances (you also may know her as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games) will be directing the sequel.

    Well Elizabeth, we can't wait to see what you got!...

    Pitch Perfectperfect pitch...Or what Rebel and Anna have in store for us!

    Do you plan of seeing Pitch Perfect 2? Comment below to share!

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