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  • Prom Primping: Most Flattering Hairstyles for Different Necklines

    Some of us spend just as long browsing online for the perfect prom hairstyle as we do shopping for dresses. It seems like the least of your concerns at first, but as the big day inches near, you realize you're totally clueless – especially if you're doing your hair yourself! Finding something that's elegant but easy can be really tricky, and on top of that, you want something that complements the neckline of the dress. That's why we've compiled a list of a few different hairstyles that you can definitely do yourself and that will also turn your dress into an ensemble.

    Halter Tops: Loose Braid


    Halter tops are tricky because you want to show off the pretty neckline, but they do show a lot of shoulder, which can cause some visual imbalance for those of us who are a bit broader across the top. Piling all your hair on top of your head can leave your shoulder area looking a little bare, while wearing it all down will cover up that pretty neckline. We think Blake Lively makes a good compromise by doing a loose fishtail braid thrown over her shoulder. You can wear it up high like hers, or you can start it down at the nape of your neck for a more beachy look. It helps that this style is super easy!

    Spaghetti Straps: Tousled Chignon


    When your dress has delicate elements on top, such as spaghetti straps, you want to play off of it with a delicate hairstyle. A tousled side-chignon, like the one Jessica Alba is wearing, is the perfect way to create a look that's feminine and romantic. Some subtle jewelry, like long earrings and a small bracelet, can really bring it all together. Click here for an easy chignon tutorial!

    One-Shoulder: Ballerina Bun


    Nobody opts for a dramatic, one-shoulder neckline with the intention of covering it up! Asymmetrical necklines are a show-stopper, so let them do all the talking by keeping your hair up and away. There's nothing more chic than a sleek ballerina bun with this neckline – it's such an elegant and classic hairstyle for a dress that has an edge. Go for natural eye makeup, a shimmery highlight, and a bold lip if you really want to make a statement with your style.

    Strapless/Sweetheart: Loose Side Waves


    Strapless dresses are well-loved as prom styles, and admittedly, they leave a lot of room to play around with hairstyles. That being said, there's nothing we love more than letting some loose waves fall over one shoulder when wearing a strapless dress. It reads slightly retro and extremely glam – just look how amazing Amy Adams looks in this look!  Here's an easy tutorial so you can do it yourself.

    High Neck: Chic Ponytail


    High necklines are all the rage this year – everyone from Kate Blanchett to Adriana Lima is wearing them. In our opinion, they look sleek and maybe a little bit mysterious when paired with a clean, simple ponytail. Just look at Allison Williams – she pulls off this look perfectly a bold red lip!

  • Getting Ready for the Big Day – Your Prom Timeline

    The sooner you start thinking about prom, the better – you want to feel prepared so that you aren't frazzled on the big day. Between finding a dress, a date, and a limo service, you've got a lot to figure out (not to mention you don't want to pay for all these things in the same week!).

    Planning is a lot easier when you lay out everything that you have to do and form a loose schedule. Here's how we would do it.


    Three to Four Months in Advance

    These are the things you might have already started doing, or should definitely start doing soon. The big one is finding a date, if you choose to go with one! If you've got your eye on someone, and they haven't asked you yet, you could always do the asking yourself. If not, you could always go alone and have a great time dancing! Of course, you should start shopping for prom dresses during this timeframe too, because your date is going to want to color coordinate and might have to rent a tux.


    Two Months in Advance

    Book your limo or trolley, if you're taking one, two months in advance – remember, you might be competing with everyone else in your school or even local schools who have prom on the same night. You also want to figure out who else you'll be sharing the vehicle with so that you can round up some money. If you're not taking one, now's a good time to start making plans for getting to and from the venue. Finally, make a hair appointment if you're having someone do it professionally, because hair salons are busy this time of year and you can never book too far in advance.


    One Month in Advance

    If necessary, a month in advance is a good time to get your dress altered if it's too long, too big, et cetera. Then, start accessory shopping for jewelry, shoes, and a clutch to match your dress. Start browsing hairstyles and makeup looks, and practicing if you're doing them yourself.


    Two Weeks in Advance

    A few weeks before prom, start confirming appointments and reservations, like nail appointments and limo reservations. Decide where your group is going to meet for pictures and to be picked up by the limo, and make sure everyone is aware of the place and time. Find a local florist to order your date's boutonniere if you're taking someone.


    One to Two Days in Advance

    If you're not getting your hair and makeup done professionally, do a dry run to make sure that you can do it the way you want it. Pack your clutch with your prom survival kit: makeup touch-ups, makeup wipes, a travel-sized hairspray, a few extra bobby pins, a stain removal stick and some feminine products are always essential. Pick up the boutonniere if you ordered one, and do your nails or get them done.

    Day Of

    Get pretty and have fun!

  • 2014's Most Coveted Prom Accessories

    So you've got your show-stopping dress… but how are you going to accessorize? After all, that perfect piece of jewelry or eye-catching clutch can really bring the entire look together.

    Don't forget what Coco Chanel said, though: "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on." The point is that less is more when you're trying to make a statement. If you've got too many things going on, it can be distracting. So, choose accessories, but choose wisely.

    If you want to choose wisely, you have to know where to begin! Here's a list of what all 2014's prom fashionistas are coveting this year, so you can get some ideas of what you think is hot or not.

    Volcano Crystal Jewelry

    volcano crystalA simple pair of clear crystal earrings is a great way to accentuate a va-va-voom dress. But sometimes, when you choose a solid-colored dress with minimal details, you want a little something to take it up a few notches. Volcano crystals are perfect for exactly that! These somewhat iridescent, multi-colored crystals have all the elegance of crystal earrings with the many different ways they can be cut and shaped, but they're just a little more eye-catching.

    Sequin Clutches

    Screenshot_2Every girl loves a little sparkle and shine, so luckily, sequin clutches are the most stylish form of hand-candy this year. These small-but-mighty bags pick up on any shimmery detailing on your dress without stealing the show. Plus, they're perfectly practical for carrying some emergency makeup, a cell phone, and a few dollars in cash without being a burden.

    Rose Gold

    rose gold

    In terms of shoes, dress accents, and jewelry, rose gold is a hot trend this year – and we absolutely love it. It's a weird rule of fashion that you're either a "silver" or a "gold" – that your skin color only looks good in one or the other. Rose gold is the perfect compromise. The pink-ish sheen gives it a little something girly while still being delicate, and it can be prepared with nearly any color without being the "obvious" choice.

    Glitter Platforms


    Some girls go for understated shoes beneath their dresses, but glitter platforms are for those of us who aren't those girls. The substantial platform beneath the heel means that even though they're sky-high, they're not painful to walk in because there's plenty of support. The glittery finish says "glamour" and "look at me!" – they're not the shoes for anyone who doesn't love the spotlight.

    At the end of the day, there are so many routes you can take when accessorizing prom dresses. Whether you want something vintage and a little Audrey Hepburn-inspired, or you want to go over-the-top glam, that's going to affect your accessory choices. Sometimes, though, seeing what's on-trend can help you make that decision!

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