This Beauty And The Beast Promposal Is Too Cute

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on prom night, from the gown, to the date, to the transportation to the venue, to dancing the whole night away. Of course, with the popularity of promposals over the last few years, the days of feeling like a princess start as early as that special prom proposal. Whether funny, cute, or totally romantic, prom proposals are a special moment and bring a whole new level to the meaning of being a prom princess.

One of the latest promposals that we've stumbled upon takes a cue from the romantic side and is all-over heart melting. Creating a disney themed promposal in itself is always so fitting to make a gal feel like a princess, but this teen really took the disney theme to heart. He created a Beauty and the Beast promposal, and hit all of the major points. Check it out below!

The teen made his date, Allysen, feel like a disney princess by capturing that classic rose from Beauty and the Beast, complete with a "Will you be my guest?" note, a ring shaped like a princess crown, and a poster that says, "I've been looking for a princess to take to the ball." I mean, honestly... what more could be missing?! Probably only a complete prince outfit... 

If you know your Disney lore, then you know the importance of the rose, as the Beauty and the Beast story is a tale as old as time. In the classic Disney movie, Belle discovers an enchanted rose in a glass case. She learns that the rose is slowly losing its pedals, and unless Beast can learn to love before the last pedal of the rose falls, he will be stuck as the monster he's turned into forever. So, just the fact that a promposal was created with this classic scene in mind is so powerful, but to add a ring and some cute Beauty and the Beast inspired lines?! Say no more... we're in!

We hope the two have an amazing time at prom. The promposal is only the start, so there may be many more surprises in store for this princess.

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