Accessorizing Your Formal Dress for Halloween

Halloween is a great excuse for you to go over the top. But why buy a costume when you can use an outfit from your closet...or get those clothes you've been wanting? Just by adding a few accessories to your favorite dress, you can instantly be part of the Halloween spirit and have the dress to wear again any time of the year (without the Halloween accessories of course)! Read on to see how we added some accessories to some classic formal dresses to make them ready for Halloween!

Little Black Dress

You can get great use out of any black dress. This Clarisse black one shoulder hi-lo dress is one of our personal favorites (style 2174). Just add kitty ears, a witch hat, or vampire teeth, and you're all ready for Halloween! The real bonus, though, is that a Little Black Dress can be used for so many different occasions that you'll never run out of places and reasons to wear it.

Dress: Clarisse style 2174

Shoes: Night Moves by Allure Style Divine

Purse: Touch Ups Heather


Source: via Rissy on Pinterest


Fringe Dress

The fringe dress has been a very popular style lately. The look is taken from the 1920s flapper style, so with this in mind, this type of dress is great to turn into a flapper girl outfit!  This black Mac Duggal fringe cocktail dress (style 3479T) and Touch Ups Peacock high heals are perfect to be a flapper girl.

Dress: Twelve by Mac Duggal 3479T

Earrings: Helen's Heart Style E06245 Clear Crystal Stone Earrings

Purse: Helen's Heart Style FP-2919

Shoes: Touch Ups Peacock

Source: via Rissy on Pinterest

White Dress

White formal dresses are always stand-out pieces at any event. For Halloween, just add wings and you can be a beautiful angel! One of our favorite white dresses is the Mac Duggal style 6383N, which has a beautiful  fully sequined top and layered ruffles of chiffon on the skirt. The Sizzle by Coloriffics Inez high heals are a great way to add some extra glitter to the outfit!

Dress: Homecoming by Mac Duggal style 6383N

Earrings: Crystal Pear Drop Earrings J5613E1S

Shoes: Sizzle by Coloriffics Inez

Source: via Rissy on Pinterest

Red Dress

Red dresses are always a sexy choice. And for Halloween, where there's a white dress for an angel, there must also be a red dress for the devil. Turn this La Femme 18110 cocktail dress into a devil by adding horns and a tail.

Dress: La Femme 18110

Purse: Helen's Heart Style FP-7051

Shoes: Touch Ups Prom Shoes Style Bev

Source: via Rissy on Pinterest

Pink Dress

Pink is always a cute color to go with in a formal dress, especially if you love the classic princess look. And, all of us girls love feeling like princesses when we dress up, right? With this sparkly number from Sherri Hill (style 2308), actually become a princess for Halloween by adding a crown! Or, for another cute look, you can add bunny ears.

Dress: Sherri Hill style 2308

Purse: Helen's Heart Style FP-08196

Shoes: Sizzle by Coloriffics Camilla

Source: via Rissy on Pinterest

What do you plan on being for Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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