What to Wear to a Masquerade Ball

Halloween is near, so we wanted to have a little fun this week and talk about planning for a Masquerade Ball! Dressing for a masquerade is very different from the normal Halloween costume party. A masquerade is traditionally formal or semi-formal, and may have a specific theme to it.

Finding the Right Attire

If the dress code is formal, men should be in tuxedos and women are expected to wear gowns. If it is semi-formal, men can wear suits and women can wear a more casual dress, like a cocktail dress.

Choosing the exact type of dress you buy will also depend on the theme. For instance, if there is a Victorian or Shakespearian theme, your attire should reflect this. But, if it is a more general masquerade, you can choose a classic gown or cocktail dress. Below are some of our favorite dresses for a formal and semi-formal masquerade party.

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Choosing your Mask

Having a masquerade mask is the other essential piece of your outfit. You can wear a small mask that only covers the eyes, or a larger one that covers your whole face. There are usually no limitations on the type of mask you can wear. You should fine a mask that is unique to you and your personality; just make sure that your mask compliments your outfit. Some masks can be very elaborate, with gems and oversized noses, while others are much more simple. Another option is to purchase a plain one and decorate it yourself.

If you don't have a masquerade to attend, but still need a Halloween costume, dressing up like a masquerade ball attendee can be fun, too! It's as simple as finding a formal dress and choosing a mask to wear with it!

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