Beginner Friendly Hacks For Applying Eyeshadow Perfectly

If you love rocking makeup, getting that perfect eye makeup look is super important, whether you're going shopping or having a night out on the town. But, if you're not a makeup connoisseur, applying eyeshadow perfectly can be tricky. So, to make it a little easier, we've compiled a few eyeshadow applying guides that we're obsessing over.

The first comes from Good Housekeeping Magazine. They recently created a Complete Guide to Where to Put Your Eye Makeup, which includes a detailed photo of where eyeshadow should be placed in various areas around your eye, and instructions for each section. The main areas they break down are:

  • Browbone/highlight: Add a matte or shimmery pale eyeshadow here to make your eyes pop.
  • Lid: This is typically where your main shade goes.
  • Crease: Applying a darker eyeshadow here adds dimension.
  • Outer V: The outermost corner of your eye where deeper shades are usually applied.
  • Upper Lashline: Where your eyelashes begin on your upper lid. You can define your eye in various ways here.
  • Waterline: The inner rim of the eye, usually where either darker eyeliner is applied for a smokey look or pale nude eyeliner is applied to make the eyes look wider.
  • Lower Lashline: Just below the waterline, where liner and shadow is also applied to define the eyes.
  • Tear Duct: The inner corner of your eye, where usually pale or shimmery shadow is added to open up the eye.

For a quick video tutorial of how to apply the eyeshadow, check out YouTuber AlexandrasGirlyTalk's video above. While the 20 year old beauty lover doesn't go into the detail of explaining the various portions of the eye like Good Housekeeping Magazine does, Alexandra does a great job of explaining the various steps of applying eyeshadow, to what sections, and simple tips for blending colors perfectly.

For a guide on do's and don'ts of applying eyeshadow makeup, check out what YouTuber Laura Lee has to say in her video above. We especially loved the opening of her video, where she states, "Disclaimer: There are no rules in makeup. If something I say is a don't and you like the way it looks, then keep doing it :) #NoRules #AllFun." So true!

In Laura's video, she goes back and forth between do's and don'ts to give anyone a great sense of how to apply eye makeup. Just like Alexandra, the make takeaway seems to be: blending! So, between Good Housekeeping Magazine, Alexandra, and Laura, your eyes are in good hands with these hacks for applying eyeshadow.

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