Blogilates' Official Prom Dress Workout

The process of finding that perfect prom dress, shoes, accessories, and everything else that goes into a prom night to remember is one that takes time and lots of research. It's important to start the process as early as possible in order to ensure you can take your time and not settle for anything you don't want.

Part of the process to be prom ready that isn't always discussed with enough time to make an impact is working out! Toning up your body just the slightest bit can make all of the difference in the world for not only how you look, but how you feel in your dress. Knowing you put the time and effort in to look your best, from choosing a dress that fits your body perfectly, to your hair and make-up, to putting the time in to follow a routine workout, will have you feeling as confident as ever on the dance floor.

That's why we were happy to see that certified fitness instructor of YouTube fame Cassey Ho recently posted a workout specifically for looking perfect in your prom dress to her YouTube channel Blogilates! She calls it her official prom dress workout, and it takes you through a handful of workouts that you can do in your own home - no gym needed, and completely equipment free. All you need is your own body and the will and focus to stay on-point from now through your prom date (and hopefully keeping at it well after prom!). 

Our favorite part about this Blogilates workout, though, is that Cassey tailored the moves for various prom dress styles, such as a strapless dress, halter gown, open back, or a short mini dress. So, whatever style that you plan on choosing, there's an exercise tailored to accentuate the parts of the body that the dress is meant to accentuate. Cassey explained in her blog post:

"This is a quick 12 min routine that will show you how to:

  1. Sculpt your back and butt for that BACKLESS DRESS
  2. Tone your legs for that SEXY MINI
  3. Chisel sleek arms and shoulders for that HALTER
  4. Flatten your abs for whatever you wear"

Now, that's a perfect prom workout routine, if we've ever seen one! Cassey also explained that she suggests completing this workout 3x a week, paired with her Treadmill Shredmill routine (same day), which you can read about on her blog post.

Watch the video above, check out for more information, and get working on those moves!

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