A Cute Volleyball Themed Promposal From An Oakcrest High School Student

It's Prom Season, and promposals are in full swing (along with finding your perfect prom dress, of course)! There are so many cute ideas that we've seen floating across the internet, and the most recent one comes from a high school that's not too far from our store in New Jersey, Oakcrest High School. Dana Cameron-Bucci recently shared with us the photos of a cute volleyball themed promposal between two Oakcrest students, Charlize Synder and Sean Stabile.

Volleyball Promposal

When Dana sent us the photos, she explained that Sean made the prom proposal last night (Sunday, March 20th) at his wrestling banquet that Charlize attended with him. He performed the promposal to Charlize in front of the whole wrestling team, including coaches and parents! How sweet is that?! 

Volleyball Promposal at Oakcrest High School in New Jersey

The volleyball that Sean presented to Charlize as part of the promposal had written on it:

"My mood would SPIKE if you didn't go to Prom with me. I think you would really DIG it. You could really SET me up if you said yes. I'm hoping this volleyball will ACE the deal. PROM?"

Sean has quite the way with words! Obviously, Charlize said 'yes'... because how could you say 'no' to that unique promposal?! It's a perfect idea for a promposal between two athletes. We hope the two have an amazing time together at prom!

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