How To Get A Super Easy Holiday Makeup Look

It's holiday parties time! Whether getting ready for Hanukkah parties this week, or gearing up for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, it's time to find that perfect holiday dress, accessories, hair, and makeup look. While acquiring that head-to-toe glam outfit can be super fun, sometimes the hair and makeup parts can be a little stressful if you're not skilled in those arts. No worries, though, Seventeen Magazine and COVERGIRL have their own beauty YouTube experts, who they call Beauty Smarties, and one of them, Lisette, has been at work putting together an easy holiday makeup look tutorial.

In Lisette's tutorial, she shows you how to get a fiery red lip and dramatic winged eye liner in just a few simple steps. After all, nothing says the holidays better than red and black when it comes to fashion! Watch the video below - it's only 2 minutes long, so you should be able to complete the look yourself in no more than 5 minutes!

Here's the break-down of Lisette's video so that you can easily reference it when you try the look yourself:

  1. Start by using foundation for a glowing look
  2. Add a medium brown shadow to the crease of your eye to add dimension
  3. Then, add a lighter shimmery shade to the inner corner of your eye
  4. Add a dramatic wing on your top lash line with a liquid liner to take the look to the next level
  5. Then, user a liner across your lower lash line to balance out your eye
  6. Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes; start at the base of your lashes and work your way to the tip
  7. Add a rose blush to your cheeks
  8. Bring some dimension into your face by adding bronzer under your cheekbones and along your temple and forehead
  9. Last but not least, add your red lipstick! To make sure her lip color lasts all night, Lisette likes to use Outlast Longwear Lipstick. Touch up the color on your lips with a lip brush to be extra precise.

It's that easy - you're ready to go to your next holiday party! Have fun and be safe!

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