• Hot Summer 2014 Quinceanera Trends!

    Is your 15th birthday rapidly approaching? Thinking of celebrating your Quinceanera soon? Summer is such an exciting time for you and your community to embrace this remarkable pastime, which you will cherish forever! Even though this tradition is held in many Latin, Central, and South American countries differently, the concept and value are still the same. It is important for families to recognize a young lady's presentation into society as a woman. The word "Quinceanera" actually refers to the young girl (15-year old) being celebrated and the ritual of a party and mass where this young girl presents herself to God and the community, honoring both herself and her religion. The Quineanera is a timeless tradition and should be carried out through generations of beautiful, talented young women!

    Quinceanera With Her CourtOf course, much planning goes into this special party, and we cannot forget the best part...the DRESS! Girls put much thought and effort into picking the perfect dresses for themselves and their court to match their theme and personality. Of course, trends are always changing, but traditional is always in! Many girls go with a standard princess-like, extra full, ball gown style dress. This season there are some newer colors and patterns, like animal print, but the most popular dresses are still the traditional ones. The trendiest colors for Summer 2014 Quinceanera's are pink, blue, white, and some pastel shades, however blue seems to take the cake! We pick Vizcaya by Mori Lee style 88001 in Deep Aqua for the ruffled organza skirt and beaded corset bodice!

    Vizcaya by Mori Lee 88001

    For something more sophisticated and without so much ruffle, we adore Vizcaya by Mori Lee 88066 in either white, champagne, or light blue. The bow accent is very glamorous and the jeweled bodice is breathtaking!

    Vizcaya by Mori Lee 88066

     No Quinceanera would be complete without shoes, and for some, several pairs! In fact, many ceremonies have a "changing of the shoes" where the girl's father will take off the honorary girl's low heels, and replace them with a high heel, as a sign off stepping into womanhood. Many Quince's will have three pairs of shoes including flats to dance in, or to be comfortable towards the end of the celebration. The trend for Summer 2014 in this category is pretty spread out including pink heels, metallic platforms, glittery sandals, and even strappy, colorful heels with tassels of favorite soccer teams! The options are limitless, so it's a good thing some get to choose more than one pair! We like the Jilly by Night Moves Metallic Heels, and the Gail by Sweetie's Strappy Sandal!

    Jilly by Night Moves Jilly by Night Moves
    Gail by Sweetie's Gail by Sweetie's

    Once the party outfit is put together, it's time to think about hair! Most girls like to wear a tiara or crown, but some go without it. As far as Quince hairstyles, the traditional way is to wear a simple, age appropriate up-do or hair flowing and pinned half up. Nothing over the top to take away from the dress or a girl's natural beauty, but something elegant and off the eyes and face. Many girls like to accent their hair with flowers or crystal jewels, or match their hair with their damas (fellow girl court members).

    Pretty Quinceanera Hairstyle Pretty Quinceanera Hairstyle

    Getting everything together for this special day can take many months of planning and organizing so don't forget to start early! Having the perfect look is a major part, and we are always here to help! Stay tuned for more Quinceanera trends and updates!

    Vizcaya by Mori Lee 88098
  • Three Big Trends in Prom Dresses 2014

    Prom is the first big formal event in the lives of many high school girls, so getting dressed up is

    rissy roo 1

    a big deal. Having a dress that both suits your personality and stands out in the crowd is usually the goal when choosing a color and style. Like any type of fashion, popular types of prom dresses te

    nd to come and go, and 2014 is definitely an interesting year for trends. If you want to star

    Lots and Lots of Floral

    t getting ideas for the dress you're going to wear for the big night, here are a few of the themes you can expect to see in stores.

    Floral patterns are classic that often get re-created with modern twists, and floral-patterned dresses are definitely something you can expect to see a lot of this year. Whether it's a subtle pattern along the bodice or a top-to-bottom design, it's an interesting way to break up a dress's solid color without using sequins or rhinestones. The great thing about this trend is that floral patterns can take on a vintage or modern aesthetic, so no matter what you typically wear, you can find a way to rock it. This picture has a more muted color scheme, but brightly-colored floral patterns will definitely be seen on the market.

    rissy roo 2


    Though any color dress can be made to look chic on the right person with the right accessories, there seem to be certain color palettes that get popular on a yearly basis. This year, pastels are a big hit – blush pinks, sky blues, baby yellows, and lavender, for example, seem to be the choice of many designers. Pastel-colored dresses make for a delicate, feminine aesthetic that is easily complemented by light jewelry and natural hair. Wearing one of these shades is an easy way to look effortlessly elegant on the biggest night of the year.


    Short Dresses

    rissy roo 3Traditionally, girls always opt for floor-length gowns for prom night. When looking at lines of prom dresses for 2014, though, it seems that short styles are just as popular as long cuts. Shorter dresses are perfect for girls who want to look cute and flirty or even retro, and as an added bonus, you get to show off your shoes! No more hiding your kicks behind the drape of a gown. Some girls prefer these dresses because they're easier to dance in, and others just like to show off their legs. Don't have any hang-ups about whether or not a short dress is formal enough; you can jazz up a dress of any length with the right jewelry.

    So, what do you think? Are you going to wear any of these trends to prom this year?

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