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  • Ways to get Perfect Prom Skin

    Prom is approaching fast and with the school year coming to an end, everything is piling up and we're sure you're overwhelmed with stress. Unfortunately, stress comes with an unwelcomed guest...zits! Before you start panicking and trying a million types of cleansers and creams, why not try to avoid mother nature and end it before it starts?

    Many people don't realize it all starts from the inside. What you eat shows on your skin, and your skin needs vital nutrients to keep it healthy and clear. You're only weeks away from prom so let's get started now! Below are some of the best foods to eat to have immaculate skin. Follow these suggestions and you'll be the most confident person on the dance floor!


    Woman Drinking Glass of Water

    We put water first for a's the most important! Drinking 8-10 cups a day is a healthy amount to keep in mind. Just making a simple switch from sugary soda to water can do wonders! By flushing out all those toxins out of your body, it'll help accelerate the healing process of any current blemishes and help prevent new ones.

    Fish (Omega 3s)

    Eating fish is awesome for your skin! Fatty fishes like salmon are loaded with Omega 3s and they're anti-inflammatory. Once or twice a week should do the trick.

    fish oil

    Not a big fan of fish? There are other ways to get Omega 3s like walnuts, beans, fish oil pills, and flax-seed oil. Fish oil pills are also great to take as part of your work out plan.

    Whole Grains

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    Fiber-packed whole grains work like a charm! Whole grain carries a lot of antioxidants. Highly-processed grains like white bread don't carry the antioxidants that helps fight acne. Be careful picking "Whole Grain" foods. Look for the nutrition label and make sure it's low in sugar and high in fiber. Some packaging labels can be misleading.

    Lots of Green Veggies

    Vegetables Face

    Leafy greens contain lots of fiber and antioxidants, as well. All the nutrients you need to have a healthy glow to your skin. Maybe it's time to start listening to mom and start eating those veggies!

    Green Tea (Antioxidants)

    green tea

    Another easy way to get antioxidants is just by drinking green tea! Besides all the health benefits from green tea, it helps prevent pimples. It's an anti-inflammatory. But, beware of the sugary bottled green tea!

    Do you have other solutions to getting clear skin? Let us know in a comment below!


  • How to Get Olympic Fit – Nutrition is Key

    The Huffington Post recently interviewed Abby Wambach of the US National Soccer Team to find out what it takes to get into shape like an Olympic athlete.  She discussed just how dedicated Olympic athletes must be to a specific workout and diet regiment in order to maintain their physical fitness.

    “As professional soccer players, we take our bodies to the extreme. We're the people at the gym that look like we're breaking the machines. Pushing our bodies to the limits is what makes us so strong and capable and Olympians. It's not an easy thing to consistently do over and over again to your body.” (Huffington Post)

    Wambach says a well balanced nutrition is key to getting in shape.  Eating well isn’t just something an athlete does during their sport season, but something that becomes a regular part of their lifestyle.  If you’re looking to lose weight or eat healthier than you really need to stay dedicated to a specific diet.  Occasional indulgences won’t hurt you, but staying on the wagon and making healthy foods a regular part of your day will help your body overtime.

    Here are some tips we compiled on how to eat like an Olympian:

    1. Drink lots of water!  Turkish female wrestler Elif Jale Yesilirmak says that she drinks up to 4 liters of water each day (that’s about 1 gallon of water).
    2. Snack on something healthy, like edamame beans, a favorite of soccer player Carli Lloyd.
    3. Have a hearty breakfast.  A typical breakfast for runner Ashton Eaton includes a heap of eggs, turkey bacon, toast, and Greek yogurt sprinkled with muesli.
    4. Stick to lean meats.  Gymnist Jonathan Horton says that for dinner he usually has a lean meat main course like salmon or chicken.
    5. Stock up on protein.  Table Tennis Olympian Michael Landers says you have to keep your protein up to make it through a workout.  Try eating more nuts, eggs, or fish.

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