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  • Dress of the Week: Jovani Style 7757

    Because we have been seeing celebrity after celebrity rocking this dress over the past few weeks, we had to give a special spotlight to Jovani 7757, a short sheer cocktail dress.

    Recently, Paris Hilton and Joanna Krupa have been seen rocking the sexy number a few different times. Paris was seen wearing it in Las Vegas while out with River Viipperiin, and was also seen matching Courtney Orynich, Operation Smile Pediatrician, at Courtney's bachelorette party! Joanna posed for a modeling shot in the dress, and also wore it on a recent episode of 'The Real Housewives of Miami!'

    The thigh-high dress features a boat neckline and long sleeves, with sparkling jewels scattered all over the translucent fabric. There is definitely no better way of looking like a celebrity than in this captivating dress!

    With the holidays on their way (Thanksgiving's only 3 days away...who's getting excited for Black Friday??), this dress couldn't be any more perfect for some New Year's fun. The lavish, sexy look of the dress, along with the stunning jewels, will have you sparkling on a New Year's Eve night out on the town in Jovani style 7757.


  • Dressing Up for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Halloween is officially over, and we're now in our first week of November - that means the next holiday coming up is Thanksgiving!

    Dressing up for Thanksgiving all depends on what type of Thanksgiving dinner the host has put together; some have very casual dinners (where you can wear jeans...or even sweatpants if you're just staying home!), but others have a more formal dinner (and by "more formal," we just mean a little more dressed up than normal, versus an actual formal event, like prom). If you're going to a more dressy dinner, it's good to look nice, but no need to go over the top. Read on for some of our tips on finding the right outfit for a more dressy Thanksgiving dinner.

    Since it's Thanksgiving, a more comfortable option is to go with a stretchy or loose fitting dress (like a tunic dress). You'll be glad you chose this type of dress while eating all the food that comes along with the holiday (especially since they hide the tummy)! Two of our favorite more loose fitting dresses are from Shail K. - styles KK3143 and KK3149.

    Style KK3143 is a Grecian style flowy dress that comes in colors red and black - both colors are perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner! Style KK3149 is a tunic dress that can be worn with leggings for a more casual look or with stockings to dress it up. It comes in colors black and ivory, however we recommend going with black for Thanksgiving (you'll see why below!).

    Another important thing to keep in mind with this holiday surrounded by eating is the potential to drop the food on your clothes. Whether you tend to be a very clumsy person or not, it's inevitable that something will be spilled during the night. Because of this, we recommend picking dark colors or prints that will hide any gravy, stuffing, or cranberry sauce that may find its way onto you. Going with a white or light colored dress may leave you showing off your dinner, rather than your fashionable outfit; with Thanksgiving being in Fall, the darker colors are part of the festive vibe of the holiday, anyway. Scroll down to see some more darker colored dresses that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

    Jovani 171150 comes in black
    Mac Duggal 76171R comes in colors red & black
    Sherri Hill 1522 comes in colors black, red, ivory, navy, nude, & plum
    Evenings by Allure A365 comes in chocolate & is on sale for only $39.99!

    Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I know we are! What kind of dinner event will you be attending? Leave a comment below!

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