These Women Awkwardly Tried On Their Old Quinceañera Dresses

Quinceañera is certainly an important coming-of-age moment for any 15-year-old Latina girl. It's the celebration of the girl becoming a woman within the Latina culture, so it's one that will be remembered from years to come for the girl, their family, and friends.... from the party to the Quince Court, to the special dress that the Quince girl wears. The 15-year-old is basically a princess for a day!

While the day is magical, looking back on that Quinceañera day years later can be a different experience. Especially when it comes to the dress. The style and look of the dress that you choose as a 15 year old isn't always the same style and look that you might choose years later. So, looking back at pictures can be quite the memorable experience. Plus, since the Quince celebration marks the beginning of adulthood for the girl, years down the line, that girl actually grows into a beautiful woman and that dress doesn't fit so easily anymore! That's the basis of a video that Pero Like, BuzzFeed's social media channels for all things Latino related, recently created. The video certainly speaks for itself - watch it below.

The four girls, Jazmine, Yessica, Jenny, and Rocio all had their own takes on the Quinceañera tradition and the process of trying on their old Quinceañera dresses. Their thoughts were interesting to hear, and they were all pretty dead-on when it came to how the dress would fit years later. It was funny to see that some of the dresses had food stains - certainly a sign of having a lot of fun at your party! 

One of our favorite parts was when Yessica said: "It was really cool to feel like you were four and put on a dress like this and be like, "I'M CINDERELLA!" That's certainly one of our favorite parts of dressing up! Who doesn't want to look like a Disney princess?! Yessica was channeling Beauty and the Beast with her pretty yellow dress.

Another one of our favorite comments came from Jazmine: "I think it was a special day for my parents. I always think that quinceañeras and those kind of parties are always for your family." So true. It's a day that's not only about the 15-year-old coming of age, but sharing that special moment with family (and friends). So, whatever you decide to wear as your quince dress, remember to share and treasure the special moment with your friends and family (and thank your family for the amazing party they're throwing you!).

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