** Trend Alert ** Prints Part I: Spotted!

Open a fashion magazine lately? If you're reading this blog, I'd assume you have and if you took the time to flip through it, I'd assume you came across a page dedicated to Animal Prints.  Animal prints have gained momentum in our wardrobes. First we started with one piece, maybe a cardigan or a tank top. Next came Animal Prints in our jewelry and handbags, followed by shoes and now larger pieces like jackets and dresses. It is only right that we mention that this includes prom dresses.

Many people assume that most Animal Prints are leopard.  This is an easy error and leopard, without a doubt, has been the most popular, but leopard, jaguar and cheetah are all similar to each other as you can see below.  The three are so similar and common that many of us assume one as the other. The chart below can help you to distinguish the difference in prints. Other popular prints this season include tiger, zebra and giraffe.

Prom dress designers are jumping at the chance to use Animal Prints in their designs for Spring 2011. From the subtle hint of the print to the obvious and daring full print, Animal Prints are in this Prom. Check out a few of my favorite, "standard" Animal Print dresses...

Faviana Prom Dresses

Hot right? Another interesting spot about Animal Prints (excuse the pun) is that no spots are the same.  Every Animal Print is unique and different, making each dress it's own. And with no two print the same, neither is their characteristic Animal Prints skin colors! Designers are tapping into the times, making their prints bold and fun with vibrant colors and fierce cuts.


There will never be a dull moment in an Animal Print dress and with anything but boring designs, Animal Prints will only cement your Prom experience as unforgettable!

Rissyroos.com has pages of Animal Print dresses for your 2011 Prom and next special occasion. Check out more of the 2011 Prom Animal Print Styles, visit www.rissyroos.com!


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