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  • This High School Student Got Kicked Out Of Prom Because Of Her Dress

    High Schools around the country seem to be getting stricter and stricter with their prom dress codes, with Prom 2015 coming to a peak. Girls are being told what type of dresses they can and can't wear, and if they don't follow the rules perfectly, they're being banned from being able to attend their prom. This continues to surprise us at Rissy Roo's, because this year's dresses couldn't be more elegant. The two piece, open back, and cut out looks of Prom 2015 all show off skin, but in a totally classy way.

    High school senior Mireya Briceno unfortunately found out the hard way just how strict prom dress codes have become. She wore the elegant polka dot dress La Femme 21452 to prom, and was forced to leave her dance in Michigan after the administration found her dress in violation of the dress code.

    Mireya looking stunning in La Femme 21452!

    While Mireya's mom, Connie, thought her daughter looked, "classy and elegant," (which we couldn't agree with more), administrators at Mireya's high school, Muskegon High School, apparently did not agree! After already purchasing the dress and showing up at prom, Mireya was told to leave prom because of a dress code violation. The school hasn't stated exactly what the violation was, but Connie believes the dress must have been deemed too revealing.

    Mireya and her mom even made sure to follow the guidelines when picking the prom dress, which states that backless dresses are acceptable. Connie explained to Yahoo Parenting, "The rules states the dress needed to adhere to the 'fingertip rule' - meaning the dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with your arms by your side. They also said no midriff showing, which to me means stomach. And they said the words, 'Backless dresses are acceptable.'" Sounds like Mireya's old-hollywood style polka-dot dress fit all the rules to us!

    Mireya with her boyfriend

    Mireya was super upset with what happened, and we couldn't blame her. Her mom explained that Mireya called her crying from the parking lot outside the prom. Connie said, "I told her to go to dinner with her boyfriend, and try to enjoy the evening. She was really upset. She has her boyfriend's prom in two weeks, but still, this was her prom. She missed out on a memorable time with her friends."

    We're so sad that Mireya missed out on her big night, but glad to hear that she'll have another shot at going to prom and wearing her stunning dress! And, we hope her high school at least gives her an answer as to why she was singled out and kicked out of prom like this.

    While Mireya's experience rocking La Femme 21452 was unfortunate, this is definitely an abnormal experience. La Femme 21452 would be considered a very classy and appropriate dress by most people, and I'm sure Mireya's pictures speak for themselves. There's nothing wrong with showing a little skin in a totally classy way like this!

    Sources: Yahoo Parenting, Erin Zaragoza Photography

  • Valentine's Day Ideas to show your LOVE!

    We love the holidays here at Rissy Roos! Especially Valentine's Day and all of the pink decorations that are associated with it! Last week we showed you some of our favorite dresses to wear for Valentine's Day, and this week, we're going to show you how to accessorize in other ways for V Day! Remember, you don't have to dress or decorate drastically to get into the "Valentine's Day spirit"; which is why we like it. You could do such simple touches to your make-up, hair and nails to prove that you're loving and looking forward to Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day eye makeup

     We found this "Valentine's Day Smokey Eye" on Pinterest and we are obsessing over it! How feminine and fun! You could rock a pair of jeans and white t-shirt and still look Valentine-ready with this eye look! It's also super simple to do and you could alter the colors to suit your style.

    valentine's day manicureWhat better way to prep for Valentine's Day than to get a mani? We are loving this black, white and red combo! And who could deny those adorable polka dots? This nail art is a subtle, yet adorable, way to show that you're looking forward to this year's Valentine's Day.

    Carrie Underwood pink hair streaks

     Lastly, hair chalk! This trend is all that everyone is talking about and we don't blame them because it's trendy and very unique. Color the bottom of your hair with some pink and red hair chalk to accomplish a chic Valentine's Day look. Carrie Underwood has already got a head start!

    Love quoteBut most of all, don't forget the true meaning behind this bright and bold holiday. Love. Love yourself and each other! Have a great day, and if you have any Valentine's Day ideas of your own, leave them in a comment below!



  • Crazy for Sherri Hill Polka Dot Dresses!

    As I did my normal Instagram "stalking" session last night before bed, I came across Kris Jenner's Instagram, where she posted a picture of Kylie Jenner wearing the below breathtaking Sherri Hill dress. I had to find this dress, and knew if anyone would have it, it would of course be Rissy Roo's, as they are constantly getting in only the best designer dresses. So of course, the next day I woke up bright and early and headed over to the dress store. As I walk through the magical double doors, I see it! The two piece polka dot and lace Sherri Hill dress, style 21260 is hanging there front and center, and I could not wait to try it on.

    Kris Jenner instagram

    It turns out Kylie Jenner did a prom spread for Seventeen Magazine and this gorgeous dress was featured. I was even more excited to wear the number, considering this dress is now "famous."  The girls in the store got so excited because none of them saw it on anyone but the Sherri Hill's models and Kylie as of yet. So, we decided to have some fun and re-create the look Kylie did. It was such a fun experience: the long black gloves add a sleek, sexy look, the high waisted skit is extremely flattering, the lightly beaded top with the high neck was classy, yet sexy, and the added necklace tied everything together. It all fit so perfectly together (and on me) that I felt like this dress was made for me!

    Sherri Hill 21260 polka dot two piece dress

    This two-piece number isn't the only Sherri Hill polka dot look for 2014, though! Sherri Hill was all about polka dots this season, and some of them are a part of the special Sadie Robertson Live Original collection that her and the Duck Dynasty celebrity put together. The polka dots trend is such a fun, classy, and sexy look, so I'm not complaining! The designer created different designs for different body types, from the two piece dress that I tried on, to a flirty short polka dot dress with a sweetheart neck, to a full ball gown with a mesh illusion high neck and a sequined sweetheart neck, and a strapless mermaid style gown. Each design is unique and sure to be a head-turner whether you are wearing this to Prom, a cocktail party, or other (semi) formal event. And the best part is that you can see all of the Sherri Hill polka dot dresses on RissyRoos.com! Continue reading

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