• Perfect Neon Ombre Looks for #ManicureMonday

    Last week we talked about great summer nail trends to try out, and two of them that we're loving are neon and ombre. Well, this #ManicureMonday we're combining those two trends, because it doesn't get much better than a look with both neon AND ombre in it! We've been loving all of the ways you can rock neon in your outfits and on your nails, but with ombre being such a big hit lately, too, we asked...why separate the trends?? So, here's something we've been completely obsessing over: the neon ombre manicure! And, best yet, if you're looking to pair your new neon ombre nails with your next formal outfit, read on for our favorite match-ups.


    Lime green is definitely taking the fashion world by storm! We love how this fashionista paired the lime green with a white undertone - it allows the color to really pop! Love the lime green look and want to bring it to your next formal event? We have a lime green dress here at Continue reading

  • Graduation Party Ideas

    Graduation time is here and you want to throw the greatest grad bash that will have people talking about it for the next year! There's a lot of planning and preparation that goes into these shindigs, and it's definitely time to start! Your grad party won't be the only grad party yours must be extra unique from the rest. So, to help you out, below is a list of some of our favorite fun ideas for an epic graduation party.

    Instead of having the usual BBQ music, why not add activities to make it more exciting? Build teams named after colleges, create a score board with different rounds of games, and have parents be in charge of refereeing. There's endless possibilities to what kinds of games you can incorporate. A slip and slide race...a three legged race...a potato sack race...maybe even trivia games! Your party will be the talk of the town!

    slip and slidethree legged race

    What's a grad bash without snacks?! Besides ice cream and BBQ food...get creative and serve some grad themed food. We pinned our favorite graduation themed grubs on our Roo Inspiration & Fun board. The cap pops and edible diplomas look so cute...people won't want to eat them (but they look so yummy that they won't be able to resist!). Below are some of our favorites from Pinterest.

    graduation chocolate

    edible graduation diplomas

     Graduation is a time to remember, so make sure the memories are captured at the party, too! Hang a banner at your party that people can sign and leave messages. It can be as simple as hanging a large piece of paper on the wall, or use your creativity to add your own personal touch. We love Martha Stewart's idea of creating a scroll where people can leave messages on sticky notes. This makes it easy to roll up and save for the grad student as a keepsake when the party's all over!


     Another great way to add to this idea is to have a polaroid camera available to use at the party. This way, guests are encouraged to take photos, and can even take them home as their own keepsakes, or add them to the message board with a little tape.

    polaroid display

    You can also have a simple, memorable gift for each of the grad students to bring home. Think of something that's either useful for your graduate friends, or that may give them a positive outlook about what the future holds. We love the idea of a mini notebook as a gift, like the Moleskin notebooks. It's something that can be carried with you everywhere - from class to the dorm - so that you can always keep track of what you need to do, and maybe even any ideas that you may have for class projects!


    Another great gift is a cute book like Le Petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery or Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. Both are short stories that are seen as children's books, but have great lessons about learning about life and finding one's self. Perfect little gifts to get your friends excited about venturing on to their next journey in life!



    Whatever you decide to do at your graduation party, just make sure to have fun and make it a memorable experience! It may be the last time that you and your high school (or college) friends are all together as a group.

    Source: Pinterest, Martha Stewart,

  • Perfect ways to wear Neon Nails!

    Last week, we posted an article about perfect neon dresses for prom. With the warmer weather here, a lot of us girls here at Rissy Roo's have been rocking neon nails this week - we just can't get neon off of our minds! So, with all the different nail ideas we've been sharing with each other this week, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

    Neon nails are especially perfect for those who love the neon trend, but are hesitant to wear it on bigger clothing pieces, such as your prom dress, shirt, or pants. Painting your nails a bright color lets you have some fun with the look without feeling like it's taking over your outfit.

    When it comes to wearing neon nails to prom, just make sure that your dress is a neutral color. If you wear neon nails with a neon dress, you'll start to look like a highlighter. For wearing neon nails every day, don't be afraid to try something fun and funky. Remember, neon is meant to stand out, and if you don't like it one week, you can always change it the next. Below are some of our favorite neon nail looks that we found on Pinterest. They offer great inspiration for every day looks, as well as perfect ideas to wear at special occasions, like prom! So, check out some of our favorite ways to wear neon nails below and get painting!

    neon green nails

    You can never go wrong with choosing one single bold, bright nail polish color to wear! To let your nails do the talkin' we especially love neon green (like shown above), neon orange, and neon yellow.

    nude and neon

    Pairing neon and nude together is such a great way to tone down how bright neon can be, while still rocking the look. We especially love the style above because of how the neon was used as an accent to make a triangular shape. Geometric shapes are so in right now, so this is a beyond trendy look to rock on your nails! This is a perfect idea to take to your nail salon and have them paint on for you for prom. Having the accenting color piece match your dress color will really complete your look!

    neon polka dots

    We just thought this look was too cute! We love the sparkly metallic paired with neon - they work so perfectly together! And, who doesn't love polka dots??

    Do you love the idea of wearing neon on your nails? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

  • Valentine's Day Manicure

    While finding the perfect Valentine's Day dress is obviously the #1 priority when it comes to this holiday, having a fun V-Day manicure is another great way to celebrate, whether you'll be sitting at home or out for the night. There's always the classic red or pink nails, but we love going a little funky for this holiday! We're especially loving all of the heart nail art that we've been seeing on Pinterest, so we picked out our favorite tutorials for getting the look. Check them out below!

    The first two are more simple for those that aren't the best when it comes to applying nail polish, but want to get into the nail art fun. The first takes basic red nail polish and adds a gold heart to one nail. We absolutely love the single, big gold heart - it's so perfect for adding a hint of Valentine's Day to any outfit! You could add the gold heart to both hands, or just one. The second takes the trend of making one nail a different color and adds a little V-Day twist - it's too cute! Like the first, you could add the different color nail & hearts to both hands or just one.

    The first one gives a great step-by-step guide right in the photo. If you want more detailed information on how to complete the second look, clicking the photo will take you to Pinterest, where you can find a link to the creator's blog with a step-by-step guide in the description section.

    The last nail tutorial takes nail art (and how much Valentine's Day love you want to show off) to the next level. It uses a color blocked look, adding some hearts and dots to each nail. It gives a great step-by-step guide, so if you're not afraid to get a little artistic, try it out!
    How do you plan on painting your nails for Valentine's Day? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
  • How to Take Your Dress Measurements

    Whenever you purchase a special dress you need to make sure your dress size is right.  Each dress designer has a slightly different size chart, so before you place an order for a formal dress, you need to check to make sure the size you're buying matches the size of your measurements.  In order to do this, follow these easy steps to find your dress measurements.

    How to Take Your Dress Measurements

    For more information, look into the size charts from each designer dress company.

  • Repin It! Top 5 Fitness Pins

    PinterestPinterest has become one of the hottest online destinations for fashionistas, DIY crafters, and future brides.  If you’re new to Pinterest, let me give you the run down.  After requesting an invite you will be able to create your pin boards, dedicated to anything you’d like.  On Rissy Roo’s we have boards dedicated to Little Black Dresses, Fun Accessories, Prom Hairstyles and more.  Then you have the freedom to add any pins to your boards, which you can easily do while browsing through the site’s categories.  Pins are images from websites that are creative, trendy, or lead to exciting advice.  With thousands of pins to surf through, from household tips to creative hair-dos, it’s no wonder this new social platform is so addictive!

    Health & Fitness has become one of the fastest growing sections of Pinterest, with users sharing their favorite tips on how to get in shape, stay slim, and maintain a healthy diet.  Our pinboard “101 Ways to Fit In That Dress,” features the best tips on fitness, compiled for those of you looking to drop a dress size.  There is advice on what to eat, how to fit a quick workout into your busy schedule, and even tips on how to stay on track with your weight loss.

    After months of repining our most loved posts, we recommend you check out some of these fitness pins.  Whether you’re new to Pinterest, or a seasoned veteran, here are some pins you have got to add to your fitness board:

    Eat Your Heart Our Fitness Pinterest1. Eat Your Heart Out – This pin details a specific week long diet that will help you lose weight fast.  By focusing on specific foods each day, you’ll be able to flush out your system and drop some pounds fast.



    Six Pack Attack Pinteret Fitness2. Six-Pack Attack – Fitness Company Crunch created this pin, detailing the right exercises to do if you want a killer six-pack.  It not only lists what exercises are perfect for an abs workout, but explains in detail exactly how to do them.

    Continue reading

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